{single} alan – Ashita e no Sanka

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alan - ashita e no sanka
alan – Ashita e no Sanka
アラン – 明日への讃歌

(released November 21st, 2007)

1. 明日への讃歌 [Ashita e no Sanka]
2. 桜モダン [Sakura Modern]
3. 明日への讃歌 (Instrumental)
4. 桜モダン (Instrumental)

alan’s debut single. When I first heard her name mentioned, I thought she was a male artist! (lol epic fail…) Her real name is Alan Dawazhuoma and she is ethnically Tibetan, which shows in her music.

Ashita e no Sanka surprised me thoroughly. While the verses are gentle and pretty, they didn’t seem that special. It’s during the chorus where alan shows her true vocal prowess; the high notes she belted out were not only powerful but very well controlled. They’re reminiscent of the Tibetan folk songs people sang as a way of communicating across wide plains and a bit of Chinese Opera. The music is very Oriental-sounding, consisting of piano, bells, and Asian string instruments. The accompaniment is kept light so alan’s vocals are the focus.

Sakura Modern also has an Oriental feel, but the entire mood is different. The overall background music is heavier, and the bells and Asian string instrument are more prominent. While Sakura Modern is not as impressive vocally as the A-side, the tone of voice alan adapts is very interesting. She’s not using a wide range for this song, but she’s singing more aggressively. She sort of reminds me of those old Chinese storytellers who sing their tales to others, with her emphasis on certain words and her rhythmic voice.

Overall Grade: A


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