Nirgilis at Anime Expo 2011

August 9, 2011 at 9:54 pm | Posted in Music, Nirgilis, _live performances | 2 Comments

I usually don’t attend concerts unless I am very familiar with a large body of the performer’s work, but seeing how I had decided to go to Anime Expo for all four days this time around, I decided to live a little.

Nirgilis was never big on my anime song radar – they did the odd theme here or there that I liked, but as far as I was concerned didn’t exist outside of those songs. I downloaded their discography hoping to get into them more, but not much of their work stood out for me. Despite this, I was curious to see if they could pique my interest more in a live setting.

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May’n & Nakajima Megumi at Anime Expo 2010

July 6, 2010 at 9:34 pm | Posted in Kanno Yoko, May'n, Music, Nakajima Megumi, _live performances | 13 Comments

I’ll never forget my reaction the day kisekigurl asked me why I wasn’t going to Anime Expo since May’n & Nakajima Megumi were holding a concert there. In disbelief, I checked AX’s website, then proceeded to shriek and jump nearly high enough to hit the ceiling.

Having previously canceled my AX pass due to a lack of interest in attending, I re-booked and bought a concert ticket.

Thanks to a friend, I managed to secure spot C311, a ticket in the center section in the third row from the stage.

Concert report (and pics) after the cut.

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Miley Cyrus (+ Metro Station) “Wonder World” Tour concert review

September 23, 2009 at 8:07 pm | Posted in Metro Station, Miley Cyrus, Music, _live performances | 6 Comments


I actually like her music – not a huge rabid fan of it, but I was curious as to how she’d sound live. I originally booked tickets for this concert because a friend of mine wanted to go as well, but something came up last minute and I ended up going myself.

Anyhow, the concert wasn’t as bad as I had dreaded it to be (I did preview a few lives on YouTube). It had its highs and lows…and Yoruko actually brought a pen and notecards to the concert to take notes for this review. So read on :)

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The Monster Post of Revival (including Vienna Teng concert report)

August 10, 2009 at 11:45 am | Posted in Music, Vienna Teng, _live performances | 1 Comment

Okay, I’ve delayed this post for wayyyyyy too long. Blame manga, hanging out with friends, AMV making, and laziness…

But now let me crawl out of my grave and…recap my East Coast trip.

Well, it was more like an Ivy League university tour…I went to see Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, and Princeton…mainly for my younger sister who is entering high school in the fall (waayyy early for it, but whatever). I do love the humid, prone-to-rain East Coast summer weather a lot more than the raging dry heat of sun-kissed southern California. And their universities have beautiful buildings…old English style or Greek temple-inspired architecture totally owns our Spanish blocks of brick.

Highlights of the trip:
– meeting up with my school friend (who lives in NYC) for dinner
– watching the musical Phantom of the Opera. Howard McGillin was AMAZING as the Phantom. I was more used to a clearer, less operatic voice for Christine since I listened to the Sarah Brightman and Emmy Rossum renditions a lot, but the actress who played her onstage was wonderful as well
– going on a Segway tour in Washington, DC. Those things are wicked fun and I really hope to own one someday…
– family rafting trip at Lehigh River in Pennsylvania. I was disappointed it wasn’t actually a real whitewater rafting trip, but the water wars with the other families’ boats made it totally worth it :) (I steered while my sis dumped buckets on other kids…pity we didn’t rent a water gun)

And the real reason you probably read the post…the Vienna Teng concert report! Yes, it’s been over a month but HELL YES I can remember how wonderful it was.
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