{single} Eclipse – nO limiT

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Eclipse – nO limiT

(released May 29th, 2009)

1. nO limiT
2. moon passport
3. nO limiT (off vocal)
4. moon passport (off vocal)

Eclipse’s debut single. Eclipse is the name of the idol group in Basquash! and its members Citron, Rouge, and Violette are respectively voiced by Nakajima Megumi, Tomatsu Haruka, and Hayami Saori. nO limiT was the first opening theme of the series, and moon passport is an insert song.

nO limiT kicks off with a bang, with a badass guitar and piano intro that I really didn’t expect from a seiyuu idol group song arrangement. It’s hard to tell who is singing which line in the verses because of the vocal filter, which annoyed me at first but eventually grew on me. The best part of the song is the rapid back-and-forth lyrics in the chorus; the three girls have excellent rhythm and play off each other seamlessly.  I also like how the last chorus is sung in unison.

Hayami Saori has lead vocals on moon passport, and it’s a mid-tempo rock ballad played during the characters’ more introspective moments in the series. Hayami is the strongest singer of the bunch (despite my being partial to Nakajima Megumi), and her voice tone is mature yet with a sweet, delicate edge. The song isn’t so special, but Hayami’s voice really shines here. I prefer the verse melodies, the chorus just sounds like a typical song Morning Musume would pull.

Overall Grade: A


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