{single} Tomatsu Haruka – motto☆hade ni ne!

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Tomatsu Haruka – motto☆hade ni ne!
戸松遥 – motto☆派手にね!

(released October 29th, 2008)

1. motto☆派手にね! [motto☆hade ni ne!]
2. シアワセサガシ [Shiawase Sagashi]
3. motto☆派手にね! (TV edit)
4. motto☆派手にね! (instrumental)

Tomatsu Haruka’s 2nd single. The title track is the opening song of the anime series Kannagi, in which Tomatsu also voices the lead character Nagi.

motto☆hade ni ne! opens with a brass band-esque intro and is a cheery pop number. Tomatsu’s voice sounds rather strained in several parts, but her energy seems to make up for it. The chorus is infectious and catchy, which doesn’t hurt. The only part that didn’t quite sit right with me was the awkward bridge section. Overall, this track tends to have a “stage song” feel and I would love to see it performed live (with real backup singers, instead of the cheesy tinny backup vocals here).  

I like the arrangement of Shiawase Sagashi much more, probably because it has a more organic sound. The same cheesy backup vocals from motto are still present, but this track is much more laid back. I feel like I’m taking a stroll through a park on a sunny day and a jazz band is lined up among the trees. Tomatsu’s singing in a cutesier voice here, but she doesn’t sound as forced, and I’m rather enjoying her “la la la” lines.

Finally, the single has the TV edit of motto☆hade ni ne!. It’s a decent cut, but I’m not sure I agree with just fading out with the vocal note at the end. It would have ended much better had the instrumentals played a bit after the chorus before fading out.

Favorite Track: Shiawase Sagashi

Overall Grade: B


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