{soundtrack} Pandora Radio Special CD Vol. 1

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Pandora Radio Special CD Vol.1
Oz Vessalius character song ~ swear to… (CV: Minagawa Junko)

(released July 29th, 2009)

1. オープニング [Opening]
2. グルメ・ブラックジャック1 [Blackjack Gourmet 1]
3. swear to…
4. グルメ・ブラックジャック2 [Blackjack Gourmet 2]
5. 結果発表~エンディング [Kekka Happyou ~ Ending]
6. おまけ~罰ゲーム [Omake ~ Bachi Game]

The first Pandora Hearts radio CD. Contains the character song for Oz Vessalius, sung by his seiyuu, Minagawa Junko. For these types of CDs, I will list all tracks, as usual, but I will only review the songs, since I am not fluent enough in Japanese to understand the radio clips.

If there’s one gripe I have about character songs in general, it’s the use of electronic accompaniment. The techno blips in the beginning of swear to…made me facepalm a bit. I expected dark strings or something with a music box, but I guess imitating the OST’s style wasn’t in the creator’s mind. The background, despite its messiness during the chorus, did eventually grow on me – the bass is rather nice. The real star here is Minagawa, of course.  Minagawa sounds really convincing as a young male even while singing. Her voice is great too – charasongs usually aim for character personality, but it’s rare to find one that gets both the character and musically passable vocal performance.  Unfortunately, I suspect she might have been pitch edited/auto-tuned in the low notes in the chorus, but it didn’t really bother me. The melody is wonderful – low-key, melancholy for the verses, building up emotion in the prechorus, and totally letting loose in the chorus. It’s overdone charasong fare, but it works. The lyrics are great too – they’re about Oz’s inner feelings…a side you usually don’t see in the series since he always pretends to be happy. They’re about his fears of losing those close to him, his hurt and loneliness…okay, it’s a cliche emo song, but I love it when character songs show a different side from what you usually see in the anime.  (The CD scans say the lyrics were written by Aa…is it the same Aa of savage genius? :D) All in all, swear to…could have had cleaner composition but the melody and Minagawa’s performance makes it an enjoyable listen.

Overall Grade: B+


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