{single} Ikeda Ayako – Prism/Sora no Kakera

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Ikeda Ayako - Prism
Ikeda Ayako – Prism/Sora no Kakera
池田綾子 – プリズム/空の欠片

(released August 29th, 2007)

1. プリズム [Prism]
2. 空の欠片 [Sora no Kakera]
3. 旅人 [Tabibito]
4. プリズム (backtracks)
5. 空の欠片 (backtracks)

Ikeda Ayako’s 7th single. The first two tracks are used, respectively, as the opening and ending themes for the anime Denno Coil, one of my favorites. The third track is an image song for Denno Coil which is not featured in the series. Yay, I’m finally getting off my lazy butt and reviewing, which was the original purpose of this blog.

Prism starts off with an ominous echo and synthesized cello backed by hand drums. When the vocals come in, Ikeda is doing some sort of breathy whisper. The energy builds until it finally peaks at the chorus. I was very impressed with the singer’s versatility – her gentleness during the verses and her belting during the choruses. With the contrasting vocals and the interesting mix of strings, piano, percussion, and synthesizer in the background, the title is very appropriate. Though great as a stand-alone, this track is the most “anime-esque” on the single.

Sora no Kakera is a soothing ballad with simple piano accompaniment and little else. I’ve listened to this many times as a lullaby but I love it just as much when I’m awake. The vocals are laid-back but the emotions are purely and clearly expressed. Her high notes are beautiful and she uses just the right amount of vibrato in the right places. Instrumental-wise, the best parts are the bridge with the strings building up then falling back for only piano and voice, and the ending with the high piano notes like crystal bells ringing in the silence.

Tabibito – I can’t read the lyrics, so I have no idea which character(s) in Denno Coil the song refers to. But since the title means “traveler” it probably would be Isako? The lush background music (I especially love the piano line) gives the impression of the sun rising on a mountaintop. Faster-paced than the other two, Tabibito is also the happiest. It’s a refreshing song and makes me feel like I’m flying. The vocals go from mellow to belting, but not as dramatic a contrast as in Prism; they’re more relaxed, with a “I’m ready to see the world” feeling.

Favorite Track: Sora no Kakera

Overall Grade: A+


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