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I tried reviving this blog, and I guess something just didn’t feel right to me…

So I started a new one. The URL’s a lot shorter too, so it’s not as much of a hassle to type out!

Also I am leaving “Yoruko” behind and using my new handle name, “Cybacle”.

Update your links (for those of you who still follow me) and come visit me at Iindesu yo. :)



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…I don’t know, you tell me?

I stopped writing in this blog for over a year since I got bored of reviewing music and I felt like this blog was going nowhere.

I started my personal blog, Cosmic Soup, since I wanted to give non-music focused blogging a try. I guess in the end, music (and critiquing it) is such a big part of my life that I can’t help but return to it.

Until next time! :)

Mmm, whatcha say…

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…mmm that you only meant well…

Okay, so it’s mid-November already. I’m not dead, I promise! It’s just I needed to take this break so this semester would go well. It’s a crucial fifteen weeks that will decide the fate of the universe! (And I’m only partially kidding on this).

Music-wise, I’ve been getting reacquainted with Rurutia and Imogen Heap…I would love to see the latter live, but she’s touring the UK right now. Perhaps in the future she’ll grace the West Coast with her presence.

Anyhow, I came across this video a few weeks ago when I was actually looking up all the instruments Imogen Heap could play, and I must say I was very impressed. She’s not amazingly talented at every single one of them, but demonstrates adequate proficiency at most of them and is versatile and innovative about her instrumental use.

This video made me want learn how to play the array mbira, hang, and monome…

The live shown in the monome clip (her “First Train Home” performance on David Letterman) wasn’t the best quality, so check it out in its full glory here.

Hiatus again.

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Due to my rather poor health and the fact that my academics are suffering as a result, I will not be posting again until mid-December (or whenever my winter break is).

I might pop in with a random filler post/life update here and then, though.

Here’s a look at what’s to come:
Music reviews: I’ve been horribly inconsistent in the past, but I’ve gotten a bit better. No new artists to add this time, probably just doing some category fill (meaning reviewing more works by the artists I’ve already touched on) – perhaps more from my 15 favorite seiyuu singers
Anime reviews: I’ll still do my Fall 2009 impressions post but it’ll probably end up getting combined with the Winter 2010 lineup…
Seiyuu: can’t guarantee any spotlights yet but I do have a few I’d like to rant about…oh, actually, I might do a detailed review of the special DVD prologue of the Loveless seiyuu.


Damage evaluation + hiatus again.

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‘kay, so I got my laptop back now. Actually, I’ve had it back for about almost a week and a half, but I’ve been re-installing a lot of stuff, getting addicted to a new manga series, and finishing up some incomplete coursework (actually, as I type this, I am in the language center at the university doing last minute edits to papers I will turn in…in about an hour or so).

Music collection-wise, my old laptop collection was so huge that I can’t even come close to remembering everything I lost. For starters, I will have to rebuild my Ceui, Mitsuoka Masami, and Macross Frontier OST collections from scratch, for sure. And any Sakamoto Maaya, Rie fu, or ayaka beyond June 2008 will have to be re-downloaded, as well. I am pretty sure I will go crazy hunting down a lot of the rare stuff I lost once I figure out what exactly…as for the Agematsu Mika harp albums that took FOREVER to download, I’m at least lucky I backed the original FLAC rips up.

As for music interests, lately I’ve been leaning toward ambient pop and I’ve set aside my J-Pop momentarily to listen to load of Imogen Heap (including her Frou Frou works) and Emmy Rossum (her solo pop stuff, not Phantom). Reviews or not, we’ll see.

However, I will go on blog hiatus yet again – family trip to the East Coast from the 17th to the 27th. I do not want to risk damaging any part of my laptop so I will not bring it (aside from the malfunctioning hard drive, I also had to get my CD/DVD drive replaced because the manual eject button didn’t work at all). Even though I am in the mood to review something these days.  Although I do have a much belated review about a Vienna Teng live I saw on the 22nd to write about~ :)

So, until I come back to sunny California~ WOOT NEW YORK CITY HERE I COME!!! (pity there won’t be a detour to Baltimore for Otakon…*sigh*)

~ Yoruko


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Reviews and other music-related posts on hiatus now…because my laptop crashed due to a hard drive malfunction and needs a hard drive replacement (thankfully, it was still within warranty and the company is sending me a new one soon).

However, this means that I will lose a lot of my J-Pop (along with all the other data that is going to get wiped) so I’ll probably end up re-downloading according to what I’m reviewing. TT___TT

I can still post from the family desktop (as I am now) but my sister uses it for the majority of the time, seeing how she does not own a laptop. So yeah.

~ Yoruko


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Just a short notice…

I’m more in the mood to write music reviews now, so this blog will mainly be geared toward that. Anime and seiyuu will take the backburner – in fact I’m not sure if I’ll even spotlight seiyuus anymore until another one really catches my eye. speaking of spotlights, I don’t know if I’ll give special features for any musical artist unless it’s something I really have to say…because the single/album reviews will probably be enough, IMO.

I will also stop putting personal rants on this blog – I’ll leave the current ones I have on this blog and relocate them to the miscellaneous post sections. My personal rants will go on a separate blog, which you will have to ask me for if you are pointless enough to want to read it~

I hope this gives my blog more clear directions! Now, off to eat something and hopefully sleep early so I can actually go to my classes tomorrow? I’ve missed all my classes Monday, yesterday, and today from being sick.

~ Yoruko

Random tidbits, catching up, what have you…

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Okay, so my hiatus took more than until just after I finished that paper (which, might I add, epically failed on anyways)…lol, I was gone for a month. Gosh, I wish could be more dedicated to my blog but long story short, sometimes life happens. OH HAY YORUKO HAS LIFE OUTSIDE OF ANIME/J-POP/SEIYUU WORLD?

But really on a serious note…my grandmother passed away on the 24th, and I was kind of just in a slump that week…which led to academic stuff piling up before my spring break (starting March 16th) so I am staring hell week in the face right now. So until then, I will not be blogging much.

Anyways about blog stuff…I must finish up that BeForU album review sometime. And even though I planned to review BeForU and Macross Frontier stuff, I sort of have an urge to review seiyuu music now…I’ve gotten re-obsessed with Suzumura Kenichi and Sakamoto Maaya. Of course, there’s also Mizuki Nana and Chihara Minori…and even Hirano Aya for the lulz. Orikasa Fumiko also has a really pleasant singing voice, but I doubt I’ll review anything by her though – she’s not a very high priority on my list.

The one thing in seiyuu music that has caught my attention the most is that…Inoue Marina needs an album. I’ve been desperately wanting one for…two years now. I mean, if someone like Hirano Aya can even land a recording contract…well, Aya-bashing aside, Marina has a simply wonderful singing voice. It’s amazingly versatile, and she blows a lot of real J-Pop singers out of the water. I was tired of putting the same six songs (her three 2-track singles) on repeat so I started hunting down some of her character songs (Speaking of which, I need to grab that Manabi Straight charasingle…)

Anime-watching has kind of been on a major hiatus for me ever since I finished Code Geass R2 during mid-January. Well I’ve previewed a couple of the new shows and so I’ll give a few random scribbles on them…I’m not following any of them closely though.

– I feared this would be a pointless/overly-fanservicey harem show. Turns out that some of the funny moments aren’t so bad and the characters are decent (with the exception of Melon – I do find her a bit too cliche and irritating). I love Kakeru’s perverted moments and the fact that he’s not as big of a loser as he seems to be. Najimi’s amusing to some extent, but I’d have to say Yell is my favorite. Oh, and you can’t forget the creepy gay government official who brings EPIC LULZ. Akikan! has a bit of a serious side too, and I hope the series balances it out nicely with the humor and doesn’t make them clash too strongly.
Chrome Shelled Regios – Fantasy/sci-fi combo with lots of fancy magic attacks and a clueless young male protagonist who has a past he wants to hide and some hidden power that must be used for the greater good…sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? The flashy fighting and to-die-for uniforms make Regios seem like some random fantasy RPG…I think this series is catering to my inner-child-who-wants-to-be-a-mahou-shoujo but it’s enjoyable all the same. Although I can’t help but facepalm when it seems like four girls might all fall in love with the main guy. I hope they at least bring his past into the series more later ~ I definitely want to see more about the Heaven Blades…
Genji Monogatari Sennenki – Historical anime has never really interested me…not because I can’t digest the information but lately I’ve been looking for anime as something that wouldn’t consume too much of my attention. The art is wonderful in this series, I love the voice acting as well (even though the antiquated speech manner grates on my ears) but I don’t think I’ll actively watch this. Although Genji’s trap-ness as a child was pretty amusing.
Kemono no Souja Erin – Good visuals, slightly too mellow/slow for my liking. The art is probably what would make me watch any more of it; it’s simplistic (reminds me of a Ghibli film almost) and the backgrounds are done nicely as well. Plot-wise…healers and dragons aren’t exactly my cup of tea.
Kurokami – Wonderfully dark and deliciously mysterious. I love the concept of the doppeliners – this series’ premise hooked me in, but for some reason I don’t really find myself being that enthusiastic about it. I think it’s mainly due to my recent search for light-hearted anime. I’ll definitely come back and watch this someday, since after a first few eps, it’s seriously giving me some Shakugan no Shana vibes. And I kind of want to cosplay that evil Irie Shouichi look-alike…but that’s beside the point.
SoraKake Shoujo (too lazy to look up the proper long title) – Promising, but somehow the character designs turn me off. I think I’m just tired of the whole ‘moe’ thing and shuddering at creepy otaku guys ogling them. The characters themselves are likeable enough though. Imo-chan is really adorable, and Fukuyama Jun as Leopard just cracks me up. This is low on my list, but I can’t say I won’t ever give it another chance…
White Album – Boring boring boring. I watched this for Mizuki Nana and Hirano Aya and still could barely get past the first ep. *sigh* Either this series really is shitty like j1m0ne says or I’m unable to appreciate the subtlety in its plot execution that Star Crossed loves, but I might just go through some more eps for the sake of the seiyuu cast…even though all the characters except for Rina seem depressingly bland. And there’s absolutely no chemistry between Touya and Yuki.

Sore ja, minna~

~ ’til next time,


what, another hiatus?!

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Grrr, I’ve been inactive in the past week and I’m just letting you all know, I am not letting this blog actually DIE. I’ve just had a bunch of random life stuff to deal with in the past few weeks (not negative, but just stuff I had to think about…) and I have a paper due in 10 days or so which I haven’t even done the required readings for yet.

So…I will be inactive for a bit longer ^^;;


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Hurray, I’ve finally settled into my new blog…still a few things here and there to fix, but nothing insanely major. I love the WordPress organization ~ makes me wonder why I didn’t upgrade sooner! ^^;;

Anyhow, once I get school stuff all sorted out, I’ll start reviewing :3

Look forward to it! XD

On an unrelated note, my roommate showed me this virtual haircut binaural recording. You’ll definitely need headphones for it to be effective so slap on a pair, close your eyes and turn off the lights…and listen away. It’s scarily convincing!

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