The Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Person’s Room

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Finally a post in over a month…

There was a recent survey conducted in Japan – what was the worst thing you can find in man or woman’s room? Which items, if found in those rooms, would make the owners less desirable to the opposite gender? Men and women answered for both surveys.

I found the articles on a rather “shady” (to put it nicely) Sankaku Complex – I admit to lurking there once in a blue moon when a blog I read posts a link, this time I believe it was danie, courtesy of her Twitter.

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure a lot of the list isn’t going to surprise anyone, but some of them really did make me raise an eyebrow.

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Fall 2009 Anime First Impressions

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Alright, since I’m having a minor panic attack due to the fact my compsci final exam is tomorrow, I decided to finish up this post as well to get the jitters out of my system.

A very belated impressions post, but enjoy anyways! :)

Also forgive the cheesy song title puns for the “good – okay – bad” categories I divided the series up into…

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Mix it all together and you know you got the…

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…definitely NOT the best of both…er, all worlds.

I’m talking about the ending theme for the anime Needless. Despite its nearly mentally scarring yuri fanservice video which pretty much had shit to do with the series, the ending song itself is a lot to gripe about.

Recipe for an fanservice-filled trying-too-hard-to-be-a-kickass-shounen-anime ending song:

1 Kitamura Eri
1 Makino Yui
1 Goto Saori
1 Chihara Minori

Ahahaha Madhouse, nice one. You almost got me there with the lineup.

WAIT WAIT WAIT…aren’t these seiyuu supposedly GOOD at singing…?

Individually, these girls do have rather nice voices, with Kitamura Eri and Chihara Minori erring on the sharper-sounding side, while Makino Yui and Goto Saori have softer, cutesier, ’rounder’ tones.

song samples:
Kitamura Eri – Before the Moment
Makino Yui – Symphony
Goto Saori – Shooting Star ~Negai wo Komete~
Chihara Minori – Paradise Lost

…so you think the creators would be wise enough to hire someone to write a song that plays to each of their vocal strengths…? Or in some cases, with a flock of good singers, the end result will be good no matter what you throw at them…?

Think again.

Just stick these four lovely women in a generic anison mixer, crank the pitch up too many notches, cook the music long enough so it comes out burnt and uninspired, and sprinkle some annoying moe yells…

and voila! Bon appetit!

Needless Girls+ – aggressive zone

I guess you can still hear it’s them…and maybe it’s mean to be some glorified charasong but…Jesus Christ. I know people can turn Miley Cyrus into some decent pop singer by giving her a decent song, but it never ceases to amaze me how good singers can sound so bad with the wrong songs…

And the worst part about “aggressive zone” is that the chorus is so damn catchy and it might end up on my mp3 player in my bunch of mindless music (though it can’t quite beat the horrible vocal of Gotou Yuuko’s “Special Days”)…it’s already wormed its way into my brain…ARGH. D:

~ Yoruko

P.S. I wanted to write a separate post for this, but decided I was too lazy.

After my rant about the song, you can go view the horrific ED sequence to make both your eyes AND ears bleed!

AND after that, you must watch this EPIC PARODY…words fail me. But then again, it’s also because it’s almost 6 AM and I’ve stayed up all night trying to write a lab report without much success 0rz ||

Yoruko’s 5 Summer Picks, aka 5 Manga You Should Read

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Since I mentioned that manga was keeping me from posting, I suppose I should post about those manga. I’ve holed myself up in my little room this summer reading various random series – sometimes by friend recommendation, other times by whim.

Here are Yoruko’s manga picks for this summer and why you should read these five varying series for varying reasons. :)

Saa, ikimashou~!

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Random tidbits, catching up, what have you…

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Okay, so my hiatus took more than until just after I finished that paper (which, might I add, epically failed on anyways)…lol, I was gone for a month. Gosh, I wish could be more dedicated to my blog but long story short, sometimes life happens. OH HAY YORUKO HAS LIFE OUTSIDE OF ANIME/J-POP/SEIYUU WORLD?

But really on a serious note…my grandmother passed away on the 24th, and I was kind of just in a slump that week…which led to academic stuff piling up before my spring break (starting March 16th) so I am staring hell week in the face right now. So until then, I will not be blogging much.

Anyways about blog stuff…I must finish up that BeForU album review sometime. And even though I planned to review BeForU and Macross Frontier stuff, I sort of have an urge to review seiyuu music now…I’ve gotten re-obsessed with Suzumura Kenichi and Sakamoto Maaya. Of course, there’s also Mizuki Nana and Chihara Minori…and even Hirano Aya for the lulz. Orikasa Fumiko also has a really pleasant singing voice, but I doubt I’ll review anything by her though – she’s not a very high priority on my list.

The one thing in seiyuu music that has caught my attention the most is that…Inoue Marina needs an album. I’ve been desperately wanting one for…two years now. I mean, if someone like Hirano Aya can even land a recording contract…well, Aya-bashing aside, Marina has a simply wonderful singing voice. It’s amazingly versatile, and she blows a lot of real J-Pop singers out of the water. I was tired of putting the same six songs (her three 2-track singles) on repeat so I started hunting down some of her character songs (Speaking of which, I need to grab that Manabi Straight charasingle…)

Anime-watching has kind of been on a major hiatus for me ever since I finished Code Geass R2 during mid-January. Well I’ve previewed a couple of the new shows and so I’ll give a few random scribbles on them…I’m not following any of them closely though.

– I feared this would be a pointless/overly-fanservicey harem show. Turns out that some of the funny moments aren’t so bad and the characters are decent (with the exception of Melon – I do find her a bit too cliche and irritating). I love Kakeru’s perverted moments and the fact that he’s not as big of a loser as he seems to be. Najimi’s amusing to some extent, but I’d have to say Yell is my favorite. Oh, and you can’t forget the creepy gay government official who brings EPIC LULZ. Akikan! has a bit of a serious side too, and I hope the series balances it out nicely with the humor and doesn’t make them clash too strongly.
Chrome Shelled Regios – Fantasy/sci-fi combo with lots of fancy magic attacks and a clueless young male protagonist who has a past he wants to hide and some hidden power that must be used for the greater good…sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? The flashy fighting and to-die-for uniforms make Regios seem like some random fantasy RPG…I think this series is catering to my inner-child-who-wants-to-be-a-mahou-shoujo but it’s enjoyable all the same. Although I can’t help but facepalm when it seems like four girls might all fall in love with the main guy. I hope they at least bring his past into the series more later ~ I definitely want to see more about the Heaven Blades…
Genji Monogatari Sennenki – Historical anime has never really interested me…not because I can’t digest the information but lately I’ve been looking for anime as something that wouldn’t consume too much of my attention. The art is wonderful in this series, I love the voice acting as well (even though the antiquated speech manner grates on my ears) but I don’t think I’ll actively watch this. Although Genji’s trap-ness as a child was pretty amusing.
Kemono no Souja Erin – Good visuals, slightly too mellow/slow for my liking. The art is probably what would make me watch any more of it; it’s simplistic (reminds me of a Ghibli film almost) and the backgrounds are done nicely as well. Plot-wise…healers and dragons aren’t exactly my cup of tea.
Kurokami – Wonderfully dark and deliciously mysterious. I love the concept of the doppeliners – this series’ premise hooked me in, but for some reason I don’t really find myself being that enthusiastic about it. I think it’s mainly due to my recent search for light-hearted anime. I’ll definitely come back and watch this someday, since after a first few eps, it’s seriously giving me some Shakugan no Shana vibes. And I kind of want to cosplay that evil Irie Shouichi look-alike…but that’s beside the point.
SoraKake Shoujo (too lazy to look up the proper long title) – Promising, but somehow the character designs turn me off. I think I’m just tired of the whole ‘moe’ thing and shuddering at creepy otaku guys ogling them. The characters themselves are likeable enough though. Imo-chan is really adorable, and Fukuyama Jun as Leopard just cracks me up. This is low on my list, but I can’t say I won’t ever give it another chance…
White Album – Boring boring boring. I watched this for Mizuki Nana and Hirano Aya and still could barely get past the first ep. *sigh* Either this series really is shitty like j1m0ne says or I’m unable to appreciate the subtlety in its plot execution that Star Crossed loves, but I might just go through some more eps for the sake of the seiyuu cast…even though all the characters except for Rina seem depressingly bland. And there’s absolutely no chemistry between Touya and Yuki.

Sore ja, minna~

~ ’til next time,


You know it’s all about the music.

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Of course, it would be stating the obvious that a big factor in anime is the quality of the music – even to the extent that the MAIN good thing about the series is the music. And no, I’m not even talking about Macross Frontier, even though that would be the most logical choice.

gintama - bleach parody

What I found out is that the majority of shounen shows out there (Shounen Jump ones in particular) generally have good opening and ending songs (the BGM is decent too, but nothing that stands out too much for me). This isn’t a huge surprise since those series are generally very high-budget and since they have connections to companies like Sony, they either snag really big name artists or bring some good quality indie bands out of obscurity.

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Hoshino Katsura unveiled!

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I suppose I’m a bit late in announcing this, but I haven’t seen this information up on many sites yet, so I’ll go right on ahead.

Hoshino Katsura, the elusive D.Gray-man mangaka, has finally made her first public appearance. (yes, it’s confirmed that Hoshino is female!)

She held a panel and autograph session at AnimagiC 2008, which is located in…Germany. I was a bit surprised that she didn’t meet her Japanese fans first, but I guess it wouldn’t be fair if the Japanese got everything. (Now only if Hoshino would show up at Anime Expo 2009 – which I think is highly possible because D.Gray-man gets an American release in 2009. Well, a fangirl can always dream, can’t she?)

During the panel, a lot of German fans asked her random questions about the manga.


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D.Gray-man licensed? Nani kore?!

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I know I’m late on announcing this but…

d.gray-man promo

The D.Gray-man anime got licensed…by FUNimation. This announcement was made at Anime Central 2008, and the official site is here, with a video of the first opening, INNOCENT SORROW. The dub is slated for a 2009 release.

My thoughts on this? I was winding myself for a full-on rant, but considering how I let out my frustration yesterday (don’t worry, no effigies were burned), I’ll keep this short. Not sure if it’s going to be sweet though.

I’m generally a dub-hater, because all of the dubs I’ve heard are just cringe-tastic (the exceptions being Boogiepop Phantom and Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky). And considering how FUNimation also dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh…*shudder* And Shounen Jump shows have not had the best track record in dubs…take a look at Naruto, Bleach, and Shaman King…

The problem with dubs is that actors get the script a mere 2 seconds before they record (I know this from a video of Johnny Yong Bosch showing a day in a dub actor’s work). How do you expect to capture the character’s personality perfectly on a cold reading? Seriously. D.Gray-man’s dub will be monotone at best (like Lelouch in Code Geass) and at worst, fake-sounding, forced, and absolutely nauseating (if “Akuma” is translated to “demon,” consider my meals gone). I’m definitely supporting fandub work though, since fans of a series actually take the time to understand the anime on a deeper level.

The main thing that irks me is that fansubs will either no longer be distributed or will be extremely hard to find. Yes, I should be a nice legal anime fan and buy the DVDs, but heck, it’s going to take a hella long time for the dual audio DVDs to catch up to where the anime is now. I could always read the manga, but it’s not the same. Why do you think I still watch the anime even though I’m up to date with the manga?

I guess I shouldn’t bitch too much about it. FUNimation did dub FMA after all. Perhaps I’ll give them a chance. Meh. I wouldn’t bet my Timcanpy on it, though.

I am personally surprised that Viz Media didn’t get it, since they jumped on the manga. Pity Geneon got sort of…shut down. If D.Gray-man HAD to get dubbed, I trust them the most…since some of theirs are actually…bearable. Well I’m glad that at least 4Kids didn’t snatch it. Lesser of the two evils, eh? I’ll take FUNimation over 4Kids anyday…

That said, I have a final exam to study for.

Signing off,

Yoruko’s Host Club

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I remember some female anime bloggers fantasized about their harem of anime/manga dream guys, but why pine after them separately when you can boss them all around instead, Ouran-style? (It doesn’t hurt that you get to have them all to yourself after the fans, err, customers leave)

It’s time to don my Renge cap and become the manageress of my very own host club!

And as you all know, for any host club to succeed, one needs to assemble members of varying attributes to fulfill their customers needs!

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Halfway thoughts on Kyou Kara Maou!

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I just finished season 1 of Kyou Kara Maou! so I thought I’d reflect a bit before I make headway on season 2. Plus, it’s semester break :)

To begin with, Kyou Kara Maou! is so damn addicting – I’ve been pestered by an otaku friend to watch Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, but to heck with that, I’m plowing through the rest of KKM. Fear ye not Higurashi fans, for I will eventually get around to watching that too, but moving on…
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