{single} Miyamoto Shunichi – Byakuya ~True Light~

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miyamoto shunichi - true light
Miyamoto Shunichi – Byakuya ~True Light~
宮本駿一 – 白夜 ~True Light~

(released May 7th, 2003)

1. 白夜 ~True Light~ (Full Version)
2. 白夜 ~True Light~ (Piano Solo)
3. 白夜 ~True Light~ (Acoustic Version)
4. 白夜 ~True Light~ (TV Version)
5. 白夜 ~True Light~ (Original Karaoke)

Miyamoto Shunichi’s 1st and probably most well-known single. Byakuya ~True Light~ gained attention as the opening theme for DNAngel, and is the first anime song by a male artist I have ever heard, so it holds special significance for me. That said, it’s strange how I never realized until recently that the song had been released as a full single.

Byakyua ~True Light~ (Full Version) – the intro builds up much like how a storm builds up. You can feel some sort of “suppressed power” throughout the song – Miyamoto sounds at ease but there’s guitars and drums roaring behind him. The harp “runs” during instrumental-heavy parts was a nice addition. My favorite part was the bridge – lyrically, I liked the “fake light/true light” juxtaposition, and the singer really knows how to prepare for a climax. Miyamoto’s vocals sound slightly unpolished at times, but shows promising talent and versatility.

Byakyua ~True Light~ (Piano Solo) is the metaphoric calm after the storm and gives listeners like me who thought the piano should have been featured more in the first track a treat. The piano version follows the melodies in the verse and chorus closely but adds original bits here and there, especially the lovely intro. The choice to change key for the final chorus after the bridge ends this piece on a “finale” feel and adds more color. While Miyamoto did not compose this, his perfomance is something to be enjoyed – it’s serene, emotional, and beautiful.

Byakyua ~True Light~ (Acoustic Version) is more accurately a “piano ballad version” as I don’t hear any other instruments. This is a true test of Miyamoto’s vocal abilities (if he can sing well raw, without the aid of heavy accompaniment) and he passes thoroughly. In fact, his voice is stronger and more expressive here, and his vocalizing near the end was a nice touch. I also give him props for being able to sing so well while playing the piano at the same time – it’s not easy. If I was initially disappointed at the lack of an original B-side, this track erases that away.

Byakyua ~True Light~ (TV Version) – okay, I mainly go into “wtheck” mode when I see TV versions released on CD singles, because what’s the point? However, I really enjoyed this cut. It compiles the best parts and you can barely hear that it’s edited – I am partially convinced that they re-recorded a short version just for the anime! Although it leaves you dangling and wanting more, I admit this song has a bit more energy and impact than the full version.

Favorite Track: a tie between the Full Version and Acoustic Version

Overall Grade: B+


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