{single} Miyano Mamoru – Kuon

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Miyano Mamoru – Kuon
宮野真守 – 久遠

(released May 23rd, 2007)

1. 久遠 [Kuon]
2. いつか [Itsuka]
3. 鋼鉄三国志スペシャルCDドラマ [Koutetsu Sangokushi Special CD Drama]
4. 久遠 (instrumental)
5. いつか (instrumental)

Miyano Mamoru’s 1st solo single. The title track is the ED theme for Koutetsu Sangokushi, in which Miyano also voices the lead. Having been rather pleased with his character song work, I was looking forward to reviewing him as a proper musical artist.

Kuon has the whole “pseudo-ancient China” feel – not surprised, since the anime was loosely based on Romance of Three Kingdoms (yet ANOTHER retelling). I was afraid the instrumentals would escalate into something cheesy, but they stayed rather low-key for the remainder of the song. Kuon actually sounds more J-Pop than anison. Miyano’s got the typical high, slightly effeminate boy band voice, but in terms of vocal ability, he definitely blows a lot of boy band singers away. Kuon reminds me of warm summer nights with people in yukatas and crickets chirping outside. He could have put a little more emotion into his voice though, or maybe that’s just because I’m used to his overblown flamboyance as Ouran’s Tamaki…

We have the livelier Itsuka, with a more modern sound to it. There’s just something about this song that really bugs me. Itsuka sounds like it can’t decide what it wants to be – is it meant to be laid back, or something with more attitude? Also, the tune sounds like something I’ve heard many times in my friend Caroline’s never-ending Asian boy band playlist. And while I appreciate modern and traditional mixes in songs, the whole Kuon-esque Oriental stuff is really jarring when mixed with bad r&b. The only reason I find myself actually enjoying this song is because Miyano’s voice handles it very well – his smooth tone kind of glosses over the mess that is this half-hearted DBSK reject. I love his voice, but I think he’s better suited to a pop-rock route.

Overall Grade: B-


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