about Yoruko

Age: 22
Why this blog name: I named the url after a Rurutia song (Suzaku no Sora which roughly translated, means “sky phoenix”) and album (Water Forest is the name of her 2nd album). “C’est la rêve qui chante…” means “it’s the dream that sings…” in French.

Moving on…

The purpose of this blog is to:
– review singles, albums, and the occasional anime soundtrack
– give the occasional random rant on anime and/or seiyuu

As for grading scale…I use a standard letter grade since I’m not really good at deciding numerical ratings for songs. The grading scale generally will judge the quality of the songs, but is highly subject to my own opinion (e.g., I am not handing out A’s to well-produced songs that I absolutely hate…) I’m also going to review seiyuu CDs on a different standard than J-Pop ones because character songs serve a different purpose.

Anyhow, enjoy your stay! :)




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  1. Oh hey Yoruko!

    Glad to see you’re back. I was wondering where you went!

    I readded to back to my blogroll. Hope to see more reviews/posts!


  2. You’ve got a very nice site…

    Keep up the good work!


  4. does Yoruko have MSN? =O

    • why indeed I do. But I pretty much never use it.

      I’m ALWAYS on AIM though :)

      You should email me at yanagiyoruko@gmail.com XD (give me your msn & aim and I can add you?)

  5. actually, “suzaku no sora” means “phoenix’s sky.” sky phoenix would be “sora no suzaku.” regardless, thanks for the rurutia interview translation, and the blog is a joy to read.

  6. Yosh !

    Well i have to admite that this is a cool blog with lots of cool Review, but i wasn’t able to ask this question, are you French? do you speak French ?, cause i found an error on your Banner, and i want to know if it’s on porpuse or you didn’t pay attention!

    • I took French in high school – that’s when I started the blog…I guess it might have been “que” instead of “qui”…?

      Well, I guess even if it’s wrong…I’ve grown rather attached to my blog title so I guess I’ll keep it ^^;;

  7. Yosh again

    Well french is a cute language, but it’s not my native language too.
    the error is “Le rêve” instead of ” La rêve” ans “qui” is right, the word “rêve” -> ” Dream” is in french ” un nom masculin “–> ” a male word”.

    I understand your attachement to your blog title, and i’ll say it again, your blog is so cool, and thank you.


  8. thanks for your review on Rurutia.

    i am one of her biggest fan~
    tq very much.

  9. Hi, I found your reviews on KOKIA’s The voice today via Google. Awesome review! Keep up the good work, I will definitely check out our blog often (actually, I add your blog to my google reading list, so I don’t miss out anything lolz).

    Are you Japanese? :D Wow, your English is amazing!

    • Haha I’m actually not Japanese – I’m Chinese, but I’m fluent in English (born and raised in America, actually) ^^;;

  10. Hey Yoruko,
    I’m Aoliwa, my bf and I have a jpop/jrock review blog, and I’m wondering if you’d like to exchange links? You’ve got a really nice blog going here =]

    Tsuki no Ai: http://tsukinoai.wordpress.com/

    Nice meeting you!

  11. Would you like to exchange links?


    • Sure! I added you to my blogroll :)

  12. Hello!
    I came across your blog from a referral link from my “Almost Lover” cover. Love reading your reviews!
    Will be following your blog! <3
    Take care!

    xo Rae

  13. Hi, I came across your site and wasn’t able to get an email address to contact you about some broken links on your site. Please email me back and I would be happy to point them out to you.

    Joel Houston

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