{single} Kanon – Brand New Breeze

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kanon - brand new breeze
Kanon – Brand New Breeze
カノン – Brand New Breeze

(released November 22nd, 2006)

1. Brand New Breeze
2. The Power
3. Brand New Breeze (INST)
4. The Power (INST)

Kanon’s 5th single. I’ve been meaning to review this forever, but I keep forgetting to. Brand New Breeze is probably her most well-known work – it got a fair boost with the La Corda d’Oro anime tie-in. For an anime series focusing on the beauty and inspiring power of music, this opening single does more than enough justice.

Brand New Breeze, though classically inspired, utilizes only electronic accompaniment. The synthesized strings float gently and the percussion is toned down nicely by synths. Vocal-wise, the one image I can liken her voice to is water – it’s crystal clear and flows. The song’s title is very appropriate because that’s the feeling I get when I hear her opera-esque notes and her airy self-recorded backing vocals. Even the cheesy, badly acted narration in the middle doesn’t dampen my liking for this song. In general, this is probably as pop as Kanon’s songs get.

The Power seems like it might be an energetic song from the title, but it’s more about quiet inner strength. It has a much calmer feel than the A-side, with piano and light percussion backing instead. The Power emanates peace and purity. Lyrically, a lot of the song is in English so it’s possible to get the gist of the meaning. This is nowhere near a hymn but the overall feel and the choir-like backing vocals near the end make it sound like one of those inspirational songs. As for who the lyrics are directed at, I think the singer is thanking God for His guidance.

Overall Grade: A


{Artist Spotlight} Kanon

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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, ne?

When you mention “Kanon” to the usual anime & J-Pop fan, what usually comes to mind is the visual-novel-turned-anime featuring insanely cute characters with impossibly huge eyes. Or for the J-Rock lovers, the bassist of Antic Cafe.

But the Kanon I’m talking about is the classical-based J-Pop singer who provided the unique and beautiful theme songs to the animes La Corda d’Oro ~primo passo~ and Angel Heart.

Kanon’s official profile picture – taken from Channel-Ai’s blog

Kanon has a distinctive voice – it’s powerful and gentle at the same time and also classical sounding and a bit operatic at times. She has a rather wide vocal range; judging from her bright and powerful high notes, I do believe she’s mainly a soprano, but her alto-range notes are very solid as well. If I had to compare her to a western singer, it would be Sarah Brightman.

Style-wise, I think “J-Pop” is a bit of a misnomer for Kanon. She’s one of those “border singers” – on the edge of two genres, classical and pop in her case. In general, most of Kanon’s songs are inspired by (and use samples from) classical pieces (I believe she even used Pachelbel’s Canon in D, but I forgot in which song). Her songs are soothing – perfect for relaxing to after a stressful day, or just when you’re in the mood for something calm.

Song Recommendations:

1. Brand New Breeze
2. My Destiny

The two songs above were anime themes – Brand New Breeze is La Corda d’Oro’s OP and My Destiny is Angel Heart’s 3rd ED.

Trivia: Brand New Breeze was inspired by Edward Elgar’s “Salut d’amour” and My Destiny by Sergei Rachmaninov’s “Vocalise.”


my favorite Kanon CD cover

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