{single} yoshiki*lisa – Destin Histoire

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yoshiki*lisa – Destin Histoire

(released March 2nd, 2011)

1. Destin Histoire
2. 限りある世界で [Kagiri Aru Sekai de]
3. Destin Histoire (instrumental)
4. 限りある世界で (instrumental)

yoshiki*lisa’s debut single. The title track is the long-anticipated opening theme for the anime series GOSICK. I almost thought the singer was a rocker (along the lines of Cherryblossom) from her stage name, but it turns out that she was a former gravure model known as Yoshiki Risa.

I loved Destin Histoire the moment I heard it play while watching GOSICK, and the full version does not disappoint. The track starts off with a brief piano intro and the guitars come in. yoshiki*lisa’s voice is thin and risks sounding nasal but it’s pleasant enough. The song’s melody and composition are probably the true gem – it’s just a simple pop-rock backing with a clean nostalgic melody and there’s just the right amount of hope and sadness. The bridge section was lovely as well. Ah, I really miss anime songs like this. I also liked the random French bits thrown in the lyrics, my favorite being “La clef à verité” (key of truth)

Kagiru Aru Sekai de sounds like it would make a good ending song – it’s pretty much the more relaxed counterpart to Destin Histoire. It’s got similar accompaniment and I definitely like the singer’s voice a lot more in this one, since her vocal delivery is a lot clearer and she doesn’t sound as strained when she’s belting. Though the song isn’t as memorable and lacks the emotional impact as the first track, it’s still a solid B-side. Overall, a good debut single.

Overall Grade: A-


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