The Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Person’s Room

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Finally a post in over a month…

There was a recent survey conducted in Japan – what was the worst thing you can find in man or woman’s room? Which items, if found in those rooms, would make the owners less desirable to the opposite gender? Men and women answered for both surveys.

I found the articles on a rather “shady” (to put it nicely) Sankaku Complex – I admit to lurking there once in a blue moon when a blog I read posts a link, this time I believe it was danie, courtesy of her Twitter.

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure a lot of the list isn’t going to surprise anyone, but some of them really did make me raise an eyebrow.

Given that this list is a survey taken in Japan, otaku culture is no doubt going to be a big part of the results. Let’s start with the guys, shall we?

The Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Guy’s Room

1. Moe anime goods or DVDs
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Depends. Low if in small amount. Very high for other end of the spectrum)

Alright, I’m kind of on the fence with this one. It really depends on the extent of how obsessed the guy is with said moe goods and how racy they are. There are some moe things even I fangirl over. I guess I don’t mind a few fanservicey things lying around since guys will be guys, but if you’re one of those poster-plastering, body-pillow-toting, fapping-on-your-loli-figures (it’s best not to ask) type, we’ve got a big problem.

2. Idol posters
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Medium-High)
I think I have more of a problem with these, since these will be pictures of real women (or men, if they’re so inclined). Nothing’s wrong with a nice classy shot even if it shows some skin, but a guy with huge nude posters all over the place will be a huge turn-off.

3. Nekomimi/usamimi (cat or rabbit ears)
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: High)
Ah, I think I’d wonder if he lost a bet with his friend, bought them for a cosplay (Ikuto from Shugo Chara!, anyone?). Though really most normal people wonder what kind of fetishes the poor guy is into. I think if he isn’t a cosplayer, I’d be weirded out.

4. Lacy or florally patterned decorations
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Relatively low)
Oh, really? I think the men answered this. Owning anything girly =/= being a girly man (haven’t any of you read the manga Otomen?). This reminds me of a funny story my mom told me – one of my childhood friends was lazy and took his floral blanket from home to college, and finally bought a new one after his roommate laughed his ass off. Personally, I think it’s cute if a guy has some girly things in his room. Perhaps that means he has a girlfriend who gave them to him.

5. Sewing/knitting kit
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Very low)
I think it’s awesome if a guy could knit a scarf. Plus, if he knows how to sew better than I do, I’ll get him to help me with my cosplays! Who says sewing is girly anyways? Aren’t most of the best tailors out there men?

6. Dolls (western or Japanese)
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Neutral to Medium, depending on the extent)
My sister always found dolls a bit creepy, and I guess I have to agree. I have friends who collect the Asian BJDs (ball-jointed dolls) and they’re cute in moderation. Meaning, don’t have an entire cabinet with them lined up. There’s nothing wrong with a guy who collects dolls, as long as he doesn’t talk to them like they’re alive and call them “beloved” like Friagne from Shakugan no Shana does.

7. Framed photos of himself
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Low)
I think most of these would probably be mementos from home (family photos, graduation, etc.) As long as there’s nothing obscene, there’s nothing wrong with having framed photos of yourself in your room, either gender.

8. Women’s magazines
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Low)
I think magazines featuring hot women would turn me off more than stacks of Vogue and Seventeen. Then again, I don’t really question reading taste of anyone, man or woman, since I’ve read many an objectionable thing in my day (*cough* yaoi fanfiction, shhh!).

9. Children’s anime goods or DVDs
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Low ~ Medium)
So women think a man’s level of maturity is reflected by his watching kiddie cartoons? I’m not into children’s anime myself but I see nothing wrong with a guy watching them. Though collecting those Happy Meal toy equivalents is a bit much…

10. Big stuffed toys
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Very low)
Oh, give me a break! I love it when a guy has that huge teddy bear in his room! I mean, it’s cute and I’ve got something comfy to lean against. This doesn’t bother me at all, unless somebody has a tentacle monster plushie lying around…

In conclusion, it seems that otaku (most likely voted by women) and girly men (most likely voted by men) were targeted the most. At least the guys’ list made some sense. The women’s list was really quite odd – not only because some of the same items from the men’s list appeared on them, but you’ll see.

We present to you…

The Top 10 Worst Things to Find in a Girl’s Room

1. Sentai goods
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Neutral)
For those of you who don’t know what sentai is, take a look at the picture above. I find it hilarious that this made the #1 spot. What’s so bad about a girl liking Power Rangers? Is it because it’s childish or unfeminine? I guess finding sentai figures on a girl’s bookshelf would be weird by normal social standards, but hey…she could be into worse things.

2. A punching bag
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Low)
This one made me laugh as well. I’m not surprised, given the whole “yamato nadeshiko” obsession in Japan and how this breaks the conventional feminine ideal, but I suppose a girl who keeps in shape is more attractive than one who doesn’t. I know I have a guy friend who’d love to date a girl who has one of these, since he’s obsessed with working out on his own punching bag.

3. A model railway
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Low)
Ah, I remember this one. The whole “boys play with trains, girls play with dolls” stereotype perpetuated in childhood (see, they brainwash all of us from an early age!). I guess if the girl in question was a train otaku, that might turn off some guys. I think this hobby isn’t a particularly strange one, so I have no real opinion for or against it.

4. Moe anime goods or DVDs
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Medium)
Oh my, I can’t figure out whether this is women who think women who like the same things as men as disgusting, or if men think it’s a turn-off if girls like moe.  Some of the guys in the anime club here have shown me quite a few works of moe fanart that I wish I could unsee, so I would be mildly disturbed if there’s a girl who actually loves that shit.

5. More than 3 PCs
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Very low)
PFFFFT. Really now? I’d love to have a techie female for a friend, and I know a lot of nerd guys would kill to find a girl like that. How is this a turn-off? Geekdom can be sexy, yo.

6. Large amounts of pet clothing
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Neutral)
Not a turn-off for me, but simply annoying. Especially if she dotes on her beloved pooch and carries it around in a bag (Paris Hilton, anyone?). Plus, I think the pets are very unhappy at being forced into the clothes (unless it’s a sweater an animal without much fur wears to stay warm in the winter), which most likely feel unnatural.

7. Idol posters
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Neutral)
Understandable. I really don’t mind them. For me, it’s only a bit of an annoyance if they continue to rant about their Xth favorite Japanese/Korean boy band (they all sound the same!) in said posters and I really don’t give a damn. If they like to ogle women instead, I don’t mind either unless the posters are really racy, because I simply don’t enjoy that stuff myself.

8. Japanese travel souvenirs
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Very low)
…nan da to?! omiyage wa yoku nai desu ka?! I really…don’t understand. Aside from maybe cluttering the room up with things that just look nice/are associated with a memory but don’t have any practical use…what’s so bad about this…? Maybe because some souvenirs look tacky? *shrugs*

9. Nekomimi/usamimi (cat or rabbit-ears)
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Neutral ~ Medium-High)
Definitely a women’s vote here. The whole cat or rabbit ears on women is a fetish thing for men in otaku culture. Hm, I think if it’s for a cosplay or maid cafe, it’s cute. I’m guilty of having a pair myself since I’ve cosplayed Ritsuka from Loveless. Other than that, I don’t want to know what’s going on. Sore wa chotto…

10. Dolls (western or Japanese)
(Yoruko’s Turn-off Meter: Neutral)
…oh geez. So women can’t play with trains OR dolls? Talk about a double standard. I’m just kidding. I’ve got pretty much the same opinion on doll collecting as I wrote in the guys’ section above. A few dolls = cute. A shitload of dolls = creepy. Enough said.

So in Japan, the unattractive women are the ones that like things men like (most likely voted by women) and/or the unfeminine ones (most likely voted by men).

It’s interesting looking at these lists, since while I am a huge anime & J-Pop fan, I grew up in America, thus was surrounded by American culture. Accustomed to the motto that individuality and freedom of expression is the way to go, I find it hard to understand the conformity that restricts Japanese society.

And I’m signing off before I turn this into a pompously written essay about cultural comparison. I’ll write that someday, though. You know, when I actually bother to dig up the proper research (aka, never).

So, what’s YOUR list of worst things to find in a guy’s/girl’s room? :)


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