{single} Hikita Kaori – Egao no Wake

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Hikita Kaori – Egao no Wake
引田香織 – 笑顔の訳

(released October 25th, 2006)

1. 笑顔の訳 [Egao no Wake]
2. 笑顔の訳 (karaoke)

Hikita Kaori’s 2nd single. This song is Shounen Onmyouji’s opening, and is composed by Kajiura Yuki.

I was seriously not expecting Hikita to pull off a song like Egao no Wake – compared to her debut, it’s a lot more rockish and hard-hitting. I will admit that some of her belting on the higher notes in the chorus felt a bit forced, but I loved her overall energy. I think she did a much better job on the verse, keeping that sense of tension in her voice without overdoing it. Egao no Wake’s melody is not particularly catchy, but still rather addicting. Trust Kajiura Yuki to pull another one on us, I loved Kajiura’s mix of electronica (this is how you do beats properly in anison!) and the hint of traditional Japanese elements. I’m not too fond of the guitar solo though, it’s a bit generic. However, the part with Hikita singing the chorus and the Kajiuran choir harmonizing was gorgeous.

Overall Grade: A-


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