{single} Inoue Marina – energy

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Inoue Marina – energy
井上 麻里奈 – energy

(released December 21st, 2005)

1. energy
2. Way
3. energy (original karaoke)
4. Way (original karaoke)

Inoue Marina’s 2nd single. Both songs were featured in the anime Ginban Kaleidoscope, in which Inoue Marina also provides the speaking voice of Honjou Mika. energy is used as the ending theme, while Way was an insert song.

When I first heard energy in Ginban, I was surprised that to find out it was sung by Inoue Marina (she sounds totally different in Houseki). The arrangement is simple as well – repeated guitar chords and a beat. I liked the use of short, punctuated, string lines during the chorus instead of a dramatic sweeping one. I think I enjoyed Inoue’s voice the most in this – her clear diction, her clean melodic voice, and the emotion and energy (pun intended) she put into this. I have a thing for songs that make the accompaniment back off near the end, and the singer sings the chorus melody in a softer, more expressive voice before singing it again with more power, and Inoue was beautiful in that part. energy is soothing yet lonely at the same time – there’s a sense of serenity and solitude with undertones of yearning.

I really didn’t like Way at first due to the intro with those backing vocals and the melody doesn’t really seem to go anywhere. Way is faster-paced and a lot happier than energy. It’s a good thing the accompaniment is still rather simple in this one, I was afraid it would get messy. It’s mainly a fun song, but Inoue really impressed me with her vocal technique and versatility in this track. She uses a fuller, more mature voice (reminds me of a lighter Shimatani Hitomi in some bits) and transitions from a solid chest voice belt to the lighter head voice register with ease. Overall, I still find Way a bit dull song-wise, but I keep listening to it just to hear Inoue’s voice.

Overall Grade: B+


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