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When j1m0ne mentioned Okamoto Nobuhiko (the voice of Layfon in Regios and Luke in Sacred Blacksmith) in women’s clothes…I just thought he was plain ‘ol crossdressing…

But no, we get this…

PFFFT. THERE GOES MY MORNING COFFEE. WELL AT LEAST I’M AWAKE NOW. I’m a bit jealous – he looks prettier than me! D<

This isn’t Okamoto, I don’t think…probably one of his friends. I can’t tell if this is awkwardly cute or just a bit humorously disturbing…

After reading Fujoshi Kanojo, I’m tempted to pull a Yuiko and just shout “MOEEE~”. Or not. But having a few fujoshi friends really really gives me a vivid imagination…about the possibility of this…

Now, off to finish my Japanese homework before class…

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  1. Ahaha… the second pic is Yamaguchi Kiyohiro (, a close friend of Majima Junji.

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