{single} Chiba Saeko – Sayonara Solitia

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Chiba Saeko – Sayonara Solitia
千葉紗子 – さよならソリティア

(released January 21st, 2004)

1. さよならソリティア [Sayonara Solitia]
2. here we stand in the morning dew
3. さよならソリティア (instrumental)
4. here we stand in the morning dew (instrumental)

Chiba Saeko’s 9th single. The A-side is used as the ending theme for the series Chrono Crusade, in which Chiba also voices the character Azmaria Hendric. Both songs were composed by Kajiura Yuki.

Sayonara Solitia started so calm and plain that I wasn’t exactly sure if this was even a Kajiura Yuki work – until the backing vocals came in, and even those are rather low key. I believe Chiba Saeko is singing as herself in this song, and not in character as Azmaria, since her voice isn’t high and cutesy in this song. At first listen, she does sound a little happy for a song like this, but there’s a subtle hint of grief in it that’s perfect. I’m fond of the contrast – the sparse synthesizer and bass during the verses and the fuller arrangement during the choruses. The ending was beautiful – Chiba sang the verse lines and there’s a brief moment where she’s singing a capella, a pause, then the instrumentals and choir finish the song.

here we stand in the morning dew speeds things up with a pounding beat, and is reminiscent of the Kajiura’s more dance-like tracks. I like the rhythm of the song, and it’s hard to explain how, but the music really fits the title – I think it’s because of the backing vocals giving this whole “misty morning” feel. I used to like this far more than Sayonara Solitia when I heard the pair of songs years ago, but since my taste has leaned more toward songs of emotional resonance of late…this B-side is a great track but doesn’t really stir anything within me. Chiba’s quite the versatile vocalist though, and pulls off both slow and fast styles with ease.

Overall Grade: A


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