{single} savage genius – Watashi wo Mitsukete.

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savage genius – Watashi wo Mitsukete.
savage genius – 私をみつけて。

(released August 19th, 2009)

1. 私をみつけて。 [Watashi wo Mitsukete.]
2. 絆 [Kizuna]
3. 私をみつけて。 (without vocal)
4. 絆 (without vocal)

savage genius’s 11th single. The title track is the second ending song for Pandora Hearts. This single, like the one preceding it, is also composed by Okui Masami.

It is unfair but inevitable that Watashi wo Mitsukete. is going to be compared to Maze. I personally prefer the darker, more driving feel of Maze as a Pandora Hearts ED song, and I was disappointed at the change. Watashi wo Mitsukete. is a completely different beast musically. It’s cheery pop-rock relying mainly on guitar and to carry it through. Going with the title “find me,” it makes me think of someone wandering around playing hide and seek or tag with some kids in a sunlit field with tall grass and lots of flowers. Without the cute sketches in the ED sequence to occupy me, the melody seems dull and the instrumentals unremarkable. Aa’s vocals were nice (especially in the chorus), but nothing special. The backing vocals in the prechorus were rather cheesy – why couldn’t they have had Ohmi Tomoe back to do them instead…? I vote for another collab! Watashi wo Mitsukete. is a decent J-Pop song, but it’s just…too normal. Too standard. It reminds me Ameagari, one of her earlier songs, but with less impact.

Maybe there was a bit of a mix-up and Kizuna was meant to be the real ED. I never thought I’d prefer electronic stuff over real instruments, but here it works fine. A strong intro leads into a fast-paced verse. Aa’s energy level is much better here too. The song falters a bit at the chorus, since the melody goes back into happy realms but in context with the song it sounds more hopeful than cheerful. Instrumental-wise, this actually sounds a lot more anison, which I think suits savage genius better overall. The piano was a nice touch and the guitar solo in this one is much stronger than the A-side’s. Kizuna’s melody gives me the impression of being on a journey, running toward a certain goal, etc. It would have fit Pandora Hearts much better as an ending (actually, I could picture it as an opening too, but I love the FictionJunction one too much) and is stronger as a standalone song.

Overall Grade: B


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