4th Seiyuu Awards voting coming up…!

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Though I’m nowhere near the rabid levels of seiyuu fandom that j1m0ne can be proud of,  I did vote last year in the 3rd Annual Seiyuu Awards. Of course, seeing how these awards are rigged a committee decides the real winners, our votes don’t have too much impact. But it’s still fun to vote for our favorites~

Having not seen much anime until recently in 2009, I’m not going to be able to make any real predictions of trends/who’ll possibly win. I’ll have to wait until the Fall season hits before I make any real decisions, but here are my choices for now.

(*note: I did not vote for Best Personality because I do not listen to seiyuu radio shows)

Best Male: Nakai Kazuya
One of the best distinct manly voices out there. I swear, I can spot a Nakai-voiced character in a millisecond. Nevertheless, he’s got me with Date Masamune of Sengoku Basara even though the series itself didn’t hook me instantly. He’s also continuing his role as Hijikata Toushirou in Gintama and will be playing Jiggy Pegger in Tegami Bachi.

Best Female: Inoue Marina
Shafted in the past awards despite her excellent portrayals of Gurren Lagann’s Yoko and Skip Beat!’s Kyoko, she’s captured my heart yet again with Valkyria Chronicles’ Alicia and her Jessica from Umineko is a joy to watch as well. Her emotional breakdowns are handled really well – with the right intensity, not overdone enough to be cheesy.

Best Supporting Male: Ishida Akira
Sou desu kara neee~ <3. Ah, Ishida’s at his best when voicing the flamboyant Xerxes Break of Pandora Hearts, a role that shows both sides of the spectrum. He traverses the whole range of emotions with ease, while keeping Break’s trademark amused attitude intact. Gotta love his deadpan Katsura in Gintama as well.

Best Supporting Female: Minagawa Junko
Minagawa’s Oz Vessalius was one of my favorites, but didn’t jump out at me as much as her Rosie from Valkyria. Rosie’s character development was excellent, and she was, in my opinion, one of the most human characters in the series – and this all happened because of the seiyuu’s skill.

Best New Male: Maeno Tomoaki
Okay, a last-ditch attempt to fill in this category since I rarely track male seiyuu debuts. I haven’t really heard him as anything except White Album’s Toya – his acting was smooth and convincing and had a sense of realism to it, but wasn’t particularly impressive yet. I’m going to see how he does as Kobato’s Kiyokazu before I really decide.

Best New Female: Kokubun Yukari
So what if Katekyo Hitman Reborn! debuted in 2006? It’s still going strong, and while I took a hiatus from the anime, Kokubun still does not fail to surprise me with the depth of her acting.  I took a liking to Tsuna instantly and I still love him. She handles the crack and serious moments perfectly, and I really think she deserves some sort of recognition.

Best Singer: Hiikasa Yoko
For “Don’t say lazy” – what else? She’s got a bit of Hirano Aya stylings in her voice but she doesn’t go overboard with them, and the K-ON! ED packs a pretty strong punch and is a lot stronger musically than the OP. (I really wanted to cast my vote for Mizuki Nana for White Album’s “Shin Ai”  but for diversity’s sake, I didn’t)

…so, what are your prospective votes? :)


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