{single} savage genius feat. Ohmi Tomoe – Maze

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savage genius feat. Ohmi Tomoe – Maze
savage genius feat. 近江知永 – Maze

(released June 3rd, 2009)

1. Maze
2. 夕暮れ、初恋。 [Yuugure, Hatsukoi]
3. Maze (without vocal)
4. 夕暮れ、初恋。 (without vocal)

savage genius’s 10th single. The title track is used as the first ending theme for Pandora Hearts. This single is composed by Okui Masami.

I didn’t really like Maze that much when I first heard it, because I downloaded a crappy audio quality of the episode, and could only hear the main vocal (don’t get me wrong, I love Aa…but I’d like to hear all parts of the song) but it really grew on me after I heard the real thing. Ohmi Tomoe’s clear, innocent voice contrasts nicely with Aa’s sharp sweetness. And I especially love the chorus when they sing different melodies (one sounds like she’s searching for something, the other sounds like she’s waiting all alone by herself). Though I kind of wish Tomoe got a bit more spotlight, it seems like they’re playing different ‘roles’ in the song. This might have been written especially for Pandora Hearts – the big giveaways are the anison composition (techno beats, the strings, etc.) and lyrics (Alice in Wonderland, the whole thing about being lost in a maze). Maze seems to be written from the perspective of Alice herself (Aa as her direct thoughts, Tomoe singing as her inner voice).

Yuugure, Hatsukoi. is an Aa solo/savage genius only song, and it’s a sweet ballad. Yuugure, Hatuskoi. isn’t as exciting as Maze and but it’s wonderful in a different way. For one, it’s a lot simpler with just acoustic and electric guitar, a beat, and a light backing vocal.  I haven’t heard a savage genius song so beautiful before. Aa’s sustained notes have gotten smoother and less nasal and I also love her lower range in the verses. The song’s title means “evening, first love.” and the chorus really captures the feeling of two young lovers embracing in a garden under the moonlight – forgive the cheesy imagery…on a side note, I kind of want to hear a Ohmi Tomoe cover of this – or even a duet version.

Overall Grade: A+



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