{single} FictionJunction – Parallel Hearts

August 28, 2009 at 11:49 am | Posted in FictionJunction, Kajiura Yuki, Music | 2 Comments

FictionJunction – Parallel Hearts

(released April 29th, 2009)

1. Parallel Hearts
2. ひとみのちから [Hitomi no Chikara]
3. Parallel Hearts ~instrumental~
4. ひとみのちから ~instrumental~

FictionJunction’s 1st single under this name. Previously, Kajiura Yuki has released FictionJunction material with the name of the vocalist featured (i.e. FictionJunction YUUKA). The main track is the opening theme to Pandora Hearts.

Parallel Hearts utilizes the vocals of four of the FictionJunction girls – Wakana, Keiko, Kaori, and Kaida Yuriko. It’s a dramatic and emotional song, which is not unexpected since it’s an fantasy anime theme. There are the usual Kajiura Yuki stylings in here – the violin solos, vocal harmonies, and rock-classical genre mix but something sets Parallel Hearts apart from Kajiura’s previous works. I can’t exactly pinpoint it (maybe it’s just the overall mood) but she seems to be developing more originality as a songwriter instead of only sticking to her old formulas. I’m still very fond of her tried-and-true methods but Parallel Hearts completely renews my fandom. About the song itself, Wakana’s voice is perfect for the main melody, though I still love Keiko’s alto harmony line the best. The girls all have voices that mesh well. The descending chorus melody gets stuck in your head easily, and the whole bridge section is beautiful. The lyrics/themes are interesting – parallel lines are a metaphor for two people’s hearts, and while they can overlap (when viewed from an angle in three-dimensional space), they will never touch or meet.

I knew you couldn’t exactly have FictionJunction without Nanri Yuuka (she’s got the most distinct voice out of all the girls), and indeed Hitomi no Chikara is a FictionJunction YUUKA song. I almost expected something powerful like Honoo no Tobira given the title (“power of the eyes”) but we have an exquisite piano ballad. It’s a nice contrast to Parallel Hearts’ full arrangement; Hitomi no Chikara mainly has piano and a light beat. There’s just something so melancholy about the piano line that makes me think of an empty room at the top of a tower with just a small window, with Yuuka singing while gazing outside. Yuuka’s voice is just so pure and lonely-sounding that I almost wanted to cry. Hitomi no Chikara is simplicity at its best and proves Kajiura Yuki’s versatility in songwriting.

Overall Grade: A+



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  1. Yuki Kajiura = Love, as I can tell you’ve figured out XD

  2. […] not much to be said about the TV size of Parallel Hearts, except this cut is really good – I think the first verse + chorus were used, as opposed to […]

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