{single} Chihara Minori – Junpaku Sanctuary

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Chihara Minori – Junpaku Sanctuary
茅原実里 – 純白サンクチュアリィ

(released January 24th, 2007)

1. 純白サンクチュアリィ [Junpaku Sanctuary]
2. Peace of mind~人魚のささやき [Peace of mind~Ningyo no Sasayaki]
3. 純白サンクチュアリィ (off vocal)
4. Peace of mind~人魚のささやき (off vocal)

Chihara Minori’s 1st single out of the anime world (although the A-side was subsequently used in Kiddy Grade’s second season). This is also a ‘re-start’ of her solo singing career, since it’s her first single under the Lantis label (she was previously signed to Avex).

Junpaku Sanctuary dives instantly into the chorus and I must say it still has a long way to go before shaking off the anison stylings. The good thing is that the chorus melody is going to stick in your head for a while, there’s also a slow build up from the verse to the chorus so the chorus will peak/sound as dramatic as possible…typical traits of anime songs. The first thing I noticed was Chihara’s unique voice – it’s a voice you’ll either love or hate. Some will find it too nasal, but I loved the bouncy quality of it. She’s got good control over her voice, and the accompaniment is well composed; I generally dislike songs that ditch real instruments and just throw a huge bunch of synths and beats at you, but it works well in Junpaku Sanctuary. At least there’s some strings (love the wonderful violin harmonies at the bridge!). Overall, Junpaku Sanctuary is one of those songs of its kind that really jumps out at the listener and leaves a lasting impression

If Junpaku Sanctuary can be described as a fast-paced opening theme that gets the blood pumping, then Peace of mind~Ningyo no Sasayaki would be the heart-warming closer. The background music is along the same style as the A-side (I’m guessing same composer) – it’s even got nice violin parts (I actually like the violin here better than on the other track). On the vocals side, Minori is singing in a cutesier style, which I like during the verses but personally find a bit grating in the choruses. Peace of mind is also a bit cliche – it sounds too much like the stereotypical, corny, “after the storm,” everything-will-be-okay happy ending theme. I did like the overall song, and I think I would have taken it more seriously if Minori sang it with more genuine emotion instead of trying to wail in a ‘cute’ seiyuu voice.

Overall Grade: B+


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