{single} Rie fu – Life is Like a Boat

August 23, 2009 at 5:30 pm | Posted in Music, Rie fu | 1 Comment

Rie fu – Life is Like a Boat
リエ フゥ – Life is Like a Boat

(released September 23rd, 2004)

1. Life is Like a Boat
2. Voice

Rie fu’s 2nd single, and probably the one she’s most known for. I was almost reluctant to review this at first since the A-side is an evilly ubiquitous Bleach theme song that’s been overplayed, over-covered at cons, etc. but in the end I love Rie fu, and I’d like to get through her discography someday…

Life is Like a Boat doesn’t have an outstanding melody. The arrangement isn’t very remarkable either – it’s mainly piano with the addition of a bit of guitar and percussion in some parts; the accompaniment just sounds like floating water to me. It’s the song’s lyrics and the way Rie sings it that really catch my attention. The lyrics are mainly in English and Rie’s pronunciation is again, excellent. The boat metaphor is very interesting and my favorite part is “We are all rowing the boat of fate/The waves keep on coming and we can’t escape/But if we ever get lost on our way/The waves would guide you through another day.” Rie’s voice is very relaxed and just drifts along with the music. A profound song that still manages to be beautiful in its simplicity.

Voice is a completely different track and would make a good outdoors live performance. It’s got a bit of a country vibe and is much more upbeat. I like the guitar line and the energy and I feel like a studio version doesn’t do this song justice.  I rather like Rie’s singing style (she sounds playful, yet complaining, which suits the song’s lyrics). However, something about this song just rubs me the wrong way. I can’t pinpoint it, but I think Voice is one of those “gotta get up and dance to” fun songs that just blurs into a bunch of other songs of this type. I’ve just heard too many of these before. It also feels a bit messy.

Overall Grade: B


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  1. her pronunciation is good because she’s fluent.

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