Damage evaluation + hiatus again.

July 14, 2009 at 2:10 pm | Posted in !announcements | 1 Comment

‘kay, so I got my laptop back now. Actually, I’ve had it back for about almost a week and a half, but I’ve been re-installing a lot of stuff, getting addicted to a new manga series, and finishing up some incomplete coursework (actually, as I type this, I am in the language center at the university doing last minute edits to papers I will turn in…in about an hour or so).

Music collection-wise, my old laptop collection was so huge that I can’t even come close to remembering everything I lost. For starters, I will have to rebuild my Ceui, Mitsuoka Masami, and Macross Frontier OST collections from scratch, for sure. And any Sakamoto Maaya, Rie fu, or ayaka beyond June 2008 will have to be re-downloaded, as well. I am pretty sure I will go crazy hunting down a lot of the rare stuff I lost once I figure out what exactly…as for the Agematsu Mika harp albums that took FOREVER to download, I’m at least lucky I backed the original FLAC rips up.

As for music interests, lately I’ve been leaning toward ambient pop and I’ve set aside my J-Pop momentarily to listen to load of Imogen Heap (including her Frou Frou works) and Emmy Rossum (her solo pop stuff, not Phantom). Reviews or not, we’ll see.

However, I will go on blog hiatus yet again – family trip to the East Coast from the 17th to the 27th. I do not want to risk damaging any part of my laptop so I will not bring it (aside from the malfunctioning hard drive, I also had to get my CD/DVD drive replaced because the manual eject button didn’t work at all). Even though I am in the mood to review something these days.  Although I do have a much belated review about a Vienna Teng live I saw on the 22nd to write about~ :)

So, until I come back to sunny California~ WOOT NEW YORK CITY HERE I COME!!! (pity there won’t be a detour to Baltimore for Otakon…*sigh*)

~ Yoruko


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  1. If you’re worried about music downloading, I usually check two websites. http://jpmp3.com or Kyo Music City, KMC for short. Or http://japanesemusicdream.wordpress.com. KMC is usually for more recent releases. JMD has many, MANY artists. Almost full discographies. Sorry to hear about your computer and hopefully all goes well. ~ Ethan

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