{single} Sakamoto Maaya – Triangler

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Sakamoto Maaya – Triangler
坂本真綾 – トライアングラー

(released April 23rd, 2008)

1. トライアングラー [Triangler]
2. ことみち [Kotomichi]
3. トライアングラー (w/o Maaya)
4. ことみち (w/o Maaya)

Sakamoto Maaya’s 16th single. Triangler reached #3 on the Oricon Charts and is Maaya’s best-selling single to date. This is partly because of its anime tie-in; the A-side was used as Macross Frontier’s first opening theme. Triangler was also heralded as the epic “returning single” for Kanno Yoko – who has worked with Maaya on earlier works. The duo split up before Maaya’s “Shounen Alice” era, but are back together briefly for any Macross Frontier-related works. Only the title track is composed by Kanno, though.

My first impression of Triangler was that it was in a much higher range than Maaya generally uses – her vocals have gotten stronger since her last single, especially her high notes. Triangler is about a love triangle involving two women and one man, and it’s sung from the perspective of one of the women – which ties in perfectly to the Ranka-Alto-Sheryl dynamic in Macross Frontier. Sure, Maaya does sound a bit screechy at times, but I still love the force she attacks certain notes with. Plus, it adds to the angst of the song. I know a lot of the Kanno Yoko faction of Maaya fans have been disappointed after all the anticipation, but I think Triangler is one of her best songs I’ve heard. Sure, it’s got “anime” written all over it, but the composition is solid, the chorus catchy, and Kanno’s fondness for key changes serves to liven up things a bit. I’ll admit, the bouncy background music isn’t particularly remarkable and I did expect more from Kanno given the experimental stuff she’s done in the past, but it’s not a bad route to go with J-Pop. My favorite part is the ‘bridge’ section of the background with Maaya’s whispery backing vocals and how it builds up for the final chorus.

I’ve noticed a trend in Maaya’s singles – since all of them I’ve heard so far have an anime tie-in of some sort, the A-side and B-side have this anison/J-Pop dichotomy. Kotomichi is a gentle, breathy ballad with mainly acoustic guitar accompaniment. It reminds me very much of her song Yubiwa – a quiet, sad song. Kotomichi means “differing paths” – the lyrics were written by Maaya herself and talk about two lovers having to part. Normally I would cringe at Maaya singing that high, but her airy high notes give the impression that she has been crying softly to herself (reminds me of KOKIA’s “Lacrima”). There isn’t much else to say that I wish Maaya would put out more songs like this – the simplicity and beauty of Kotomichi makes me hold to my belief that no matter what genre Maaya taps into, her ballads will always have a special spot in my lazy, music-reviewer heart.

Overall Grade: A-


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