{single} Tomatsu Haruka – naissance

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Tomatsu Haruka – naissance
戸松遥 – naissance

(released September 3rd, 2008)

1. naissance
2. パズル [Puzzle]
4. naissance (instrumental)

Tomatsu Haruka’s debut single. The title track is used as the ending theme for the drama Koko wa Greenwood – I was mildly surprised that her first single didn’t have an anime tie-in, seeing how she is a seiyuu. Because I’m reviewing her as a J-Pop artist, this entry will not be under the seiyuu category.

I have mixed impressions of naissance. The soft intro reminds me of a mist-filled field – with the backing vocals and the title meaning “birth” in French, I almost expected some mysterious ballad à la KOKIA, but when Tomatsu started singing, I was immediately reminded of Hilary Duff for some reason – it must be the cutesy way she does the “la la la.” The melody doesn’t exactly impress me, nor does Tomatsu’s singing; her vocal range seems rather limited, but it suits the song – props to the composer. naissance, as a whole, is a pleasant, breezy listen.

Puzzle begins with a woodwind solo, some sparkly effects, and Tomatsu singing in what is meant to be a whispery tone. Personally, I think she should just use a more upbeat/cutesy style, because she sounds rather lifeless in the verses. I think ROUND TABLE feat. Nino would do a great job with this song. Puzzle belongs in a cafe setting in the spring or summer (one of my friend’s favorite Japanese restaurants plays music like this all the time), something to have in the background while sipping coffee or tea leisurely. However, I find this track a bit boring.

Tomatsu sounds rather robotic in REWIND, with her intentionally monotone singing style. There are some electronic elements in this track and they blend nicely with the naissance-esque backing vocals. Her vocals also stand out more against the accompaniment and sound better here – in the previous two songs, it sounded like she was holding back, but here she’s singing more strongly. I also liked the vocodered repetition of “rewind.” This song is like Perfume-inspired idol pop meets standard seiyuu J-Pop. Nakata Yasutaka, please remix this for us!

Favorite Track: naissance

Overall Grade: B


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