J-Pop Survey Meme!

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~snagged from Sora to Kujira. Yes, the meme monster strikes here too! It’s bad enough I spam my friends on deviantART and Facebook with memes…but whatever XD

I am finally done with finals! *rejoices* I should be packing to move back home, but a little break can’t hurt :3

1. What was the first Japanese song that you ever listened to?
Rikki’s Suteki da ne from the Final Fantasy X soundtrack, but that didn’t really get me into J-Pop. That honor goes to Tanaka Rie’s I hear you everywhere.

2. Did it inspire you to like that group/singer, or did it turn you away?
I was in love with Tanaka Rie’s voice back in 8th grade, although I think I ended up going through a Mizuki Nana and Tamura Yukari phase before I went back to her. Oh, maybe even an Ishida Yoko phase. Who knows…*shrug*

3. What is the one song that you have been listening to for the longest time?
Haha…most likely the OP and ED themes from Naruto.

4. What group/singer have you liked the longest?
singer: Mizuki Nana
group: Rythem

5. What is the song with the most plays on your itunes/media player?
3rd place: monobright – Anata MAGIC
2nd place: NEWS – weeeek
1st place: Kawada Mami – PSI-missing

6. Is that song your favorite?
Not really. I was obsessed with weeek and Anata MAGIC because they were really catchy, and PSI-missing because I liked the overall tone/composition of the song. weeek did save my ass on my Japanese final, so I think it deserves a special spot in my favorites XD

7. If not, what is?
I never have consistent favorites…they change often depending on my mood. Right now it’s FictionJunction’s Parallel Hearts and some random Kalafina songs (sprinter, Kizuato, oblivious…). Another Kajiura Yuki phase much?

8. Is there any one group that you can listen to all/most of the songs by?
THYME. I haven’t heard a single cringe-worthy song from them…yet.

9. What is your favorite agency?
I don’t follow agencies…whatever artist is good, it doesn’t matter to me the agency he/she/they come from.

10. What is your favorite group/singer?
group: Kalafina
singer: Suara


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