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And I don’t mean in just the musical sense. I know you think I’m probably crazy, but the more and more I think about it, the more it makes sense.


(I’ve probably listened to Sajin no Kanata e too many times…but I can’t help it when there’s that part in which they’re singing together w/o any of the other vocalists…!!!)

I know this is my inner fangirl who likes to randomly ship anime characters and ended up applying this to real life people, but can’t you see how perfect this is? They’re both very talented composers who head groups/projects with loads of vocalists (Revo w/ Sound Horizon, Yuki with See-Saw/FictionJunction/Kalafina) who have styles that mesh rather well because they’re very anison-geared and have rather dark and mysterious themes in a lot of works. Revo plays the guitar and sings, and Yuki plays the piano…and her voice is rather nice as well. They could make a J-Pop duo together…isn’t that really cute? I know I haven’t really given much reason for those two except music, but that’s a really strong common interest that can bring them together :)

Personality-wise, I’ve always thought of Kajiura Yuki as the quiet, creative, passionate-about-music type who preferred not to take the spotlight – letting Nanri Yuuka and Ishikawa Chiaki do that instead. Well, that’s how she seemed in the interviews I’ve read. Revo, there’s a lot less I can find on this guy (for example, I can’t even find his real name…) but he seems ambitious and creative, and really interesting (from his performance style…okay he’s slightly gay, but that never hurt :P). But Revo seems like a really fun person to get to know – I feel like he might have a crazy side…

Totally random, but…I think neither of them are married? (Well, they could be, but given their line of work, probably not? *sigh* Let this fangirl dream…). And given that they’re both around their early 40’s (although Revo might be a bit younger? or that’s just how he seems to me…), I doubt they’ll be hot prospects in the marriage business…*shot*

Anyhowwww…from watching their interview on the single, I think they really had fun working together – perhaps a J-Pop duo involving just those two someday? :D

Forgive me, Yoruko is most likely incoherent because she has to write an entire paper tonight…


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