{single} Sakamoto Maaya – Kazemachi Jet/Spica

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Sakamoto Maaya – Kazemachi Jet/Spica
坂本真綾 – 風待ちジェット/スピカ

(released June 14th, 2006)

1. 風待ちジェット [Kazemachi Jet]
2. スピカ [Spica]
3. 風待ちジェット (w/o maaya)
4. スピカ (w/o maaya)

Sakamoto Maaya’s 14th single. Kazemachi Jet is the ending theme for the second season of Tsubasa Chronicle. Maaya wrote the lyrics for both songs, and they were meant to represent the feelings of the two main characters, Sakura and Syaoran. Kazemachi Jet is from Syaoran’s perspective, while Spica is from Sakura’s.

Before I delve into the background of Kazemachi Jet, I just have to comment on how much I love the composition. The delicate melody with the guitar, piano, and electric violin – it’s difficult to describe in words, but everything just melds together so well. The chorus itself is structured so that it will be catchy but not be written off as one of those generic J-Pop songs – it’s light and airy, easy to listen to but rather difficult to sing. Kazemachi Jet was written with the image of two people holding hands in the wind (I read this in a Maaya interview in NewType USA once…) and since it’s from Syaoran’s perspective, it reflects his patience and love as he protects Sakura and helps her slowly walk forward in her new life.

Spica, while it’s still consistent with Kazemachi Jet’s refreshing feel, has a lot more underlying sadness. Sakura, having lost her memories, is grateful that Syaoran is there for her but at the same time she is confused. She wants to reach out to him and understand him, and this song expresses that desire. Spica has a much simpler arrangement – a simpler melody, a simpler accompaniment (less prominent strings, and the guitar parts take the spotlight here). Maaya’s voice exhibits an interesting contrast here in comparison to the A-side – she’s singing with less vocal power, but with heavier emotion, which makes this a stronger song in my opinion. Spica’s also more standard J-Pop and less anison, probably because it’s not the ending theme.

Overall Grade: A+


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