{single} Kosaka Riyu – true…

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kosaka riyu - true
Kosaka Riyu – true…
小坂 りゆ – true…

(released October 17th, 2001)

1. true…
3. true… (Trance Sunrise Mix)
4. DIVE TO THE NIGHT (NM Rock Style)
5. true… (instrumental)
6. DIVE TO THE NIGHT (instrumental)

Kosaka Riyu’s debut single. Being a big fan of Riyu, I thought I’d review her discography from the beginning, since it would be interesting to hear how she’s improved over the years. I haven’t reviewed a CD for a while, so I’m starting anew (my style might be different, and I might be slightly harsher or easier with grading…) Interesting fact – true… was released when Riyu was only 16 years old.

Either the music production technologies in 2001 were far less advanced than the equipment used today or Konami didn’t shell out much money for this single, but the mixing feels weird. true…‘s intro isn’t bad as a standalone but I think it sounded a bit tacky in this song. The keyboard throughout the song was nice though. Vocal-wise, I was surprised at how weak Riyu’s voice was at her debut. It’s wispy at times and she sounds a bit out of breath in some parts and she just sounds like she’s bored with the song. The melody of the song is nice but I feel like the chorus is a bit weak (the song itself, not how Riyu performs it). Overall, true… needs more polishing.

DIVE TO THE NIGHT has a lot more impact. I’m not surprised, since it was used in DDR, so naturally it’ll be a lot faster-spaced and rhythmic. Riyu sings a lot more assertively in this track, but still runs the risk of being drowned out by the loud synths. However, you can definitely hear that peppier side of her voice (that she’ll later become known for) come out. The lyrics and parts of the melodies are different from the famous “Dive” by BeForU, but song-wise, I prefer this version (I liked the bridge part a lot). DIVE TO THE NIGHT isn’t as sloppily produced as true… but it definitely needs more work.

I’m generally wary of remixes but true… (Trance Sunrise Mix) is a huge improvement over the original. The mood of the song changes – instead of having a flat, lukewarm dance track, you have a song that actually has emotion in it. This version is more toned down and hollow-sounding which makes the title of the mix very appropriate because it gives the feeling of a very lonely sunrise at the beach. You can almost hear pain and longing in Riyu’s voice. This version of true… actually has a more true feel to it. I would have preferred a more acoustic arrangement, but at least this time the electronic background isn’t overbearing.

Why, oh why couldn’t they have just used the remixes as the A-sides and done away with the originals? You’d think in DIVE TO THE NIGHT (NM Rock Style), Riyu would be covered up even more, but her vocals really shine in this one – guess she’s meant for rock more than that trance/eurobeat stuff. It’s the same case as with true – she sounds a lot more enthusiastic with the remix than the original (could be better editing, but who knows…). The bridge I loved in the original is even better here because the background…well, stays off in the background and lets Riyu have her spotlight. The best part is when she belts out “dive to the night” at the end of the song.

Favorite Track: true… (Trance Sunrise Mix)

Overall Grade: C+


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