Hoshino Katsura unveiled!

August 8, 2008 at 4:50 pm | Posted in Anime & Manga | 1 Comment

I suppose I’m a bit late in announcing this, but I haven’t seen this information up on many sites yet, so I’ll go right on ahead.

Hoshino Katsura, the elusive D.Gray-man mangaka, has finally made her first public appearance. (yes, it’s confirmed that Hoshino is female!)

She held a panel and autograph session at AnimagiC 2008, which is located in…Germany. I was a bit surprised that she didn’t meet her Japanese fans first, but I guess it wouldn’t be fair if the Japanese got everything. (Now only if Hoshino would show up at Anime Expo 2009 – which I think is highly possible because D.Gray-man gets an American release in 2009. Well, a fangirl can always dream, can’t she?)

During the panel, a lot of German fans asked her random questions about the manga.


1) There were a few small details revealed, like Tyki’s favorite food is fish, Rhode does like Allen (though it’s pretty obvious in my opinion ^^;;), Devit breakdances. Rhode’s true age, however, will still remain a secret.

2) Cross Marian’s “death” is still a mystery and so is Kanda’s past. Both will be revealed a lot later, I assume. Kanda’s the only main character we haven’t seen any flashback for. I have several theories, but I don’t want to make this post any more spoiler-ific…

3) Hoshino has no set plans to end the series, which makes me happy, since I can’t imagine D.Gray-man really ending. (Then again, it was hard to imagine the Harry Potter books ending as well…)

4) And finally the main one of my interest – the reason behind the title “D.Gray-man.” In some manga extra a while back, Hoshino gave a vague answer saying it tied in with Allen and the Noahs. This time she told everyone the colors white and black play an important role in the series, and that the color gray symbolizes that. (Really, I think the more you read the manga, the more the title makes sense…)

That said, I’m surprised nobody asked any questions about the Heart of Innocence, although I suspect Hoshino would just grin furtively and say it’s still a secret. Even so, I would have asked her about the outcome of the strange situation involving Allen and the 14th…

I’ll end this with some interesting pics…

This was the only picture of Hoshino prior to AnimagiC ’08 (it was in the Gray Ark fanbook), and many fans speculated whether it was really Hoshino or just somebody she had pose to throw the public off.

I liked this picture of Hoshino, since she looked very mysterious here…kind of reminds me of the protagonist of her own creation….XD *bricked*

Hoshino also brought the originals for some of her manga sketches and colored works. This one was my favorite.

Picture and info credits for this post go to drakexdragon and someone on the d.gray divinity forums…I forgot who (>_<). Props to my friend Constance as well for finding this out for me.


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  1. is she dead? i heard she sick. pray that she is well. i love her and her work.

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