{single} Rie fu – Rie who!?

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rie fu - rie who
Rie fu – Rie who!?
リエ フゥ – Rie who!?

(released March 24th, 2004)

1. decay
2. Beautiful Words
3. ツキノウエ [Tsuki no Ue]

Rie fu’s debut single. The title is a play on words because “fu” in Japanese sounds very similar to “who” in English.

decay – the first thing that caught my attention was the acoustic guitar intro and the simplistic yet effective English lyrics in the beginning. The melody is easygoing and makes me want to sing along to it, and Rie’s voice transitions seamlessly from English to Japanese, from high to low notes (I especially love her lower range). This song has a combination of listlessness and hope, and Rie’s emotion is very honest and not overdone. decay sounds very much like a Western acoustic pop song, and would be ideal for a coffeehouse performance.

Beautiful Words captures the feeling of waking up on a summer morning. The guitar and percussion bring to mind the laziness of summer days and makes me want to “surrender to the sky.” The composition of this song is very Western as well – I think it’s the guitar line that did the trick. This track is about the same pace as decay though the percussion is more prominent here. Rie also had some backing vocals in this song, and while I thought it was a nice enhancement, I thought it sounded a little messy at times.

Tsuki no Ue reminds me of a solitary walk in the moonlight…in my opinion, ballads are Rie’s strongest suit, and piano ballads in particular. Simplistic songs like this fit her voice the best because her voice isn’t going to be buried under a lot of instruments. I hadn’t fully noticed how well-controlled and clear her voice until it was laid bare here. Tsuki no Ue is pretty versatile for listening – it can be a lullaby or something I can relax or study to, or I can listen to it just to hear the heartfelt message within it – all because of Rie fu’s wonderful performance.

Favorite Track: a tie between decay and Tsuki no Ue

Overall Grade: A


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