Rurutia’s first interview

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So far, I’ve reviewed all of Rurutia’s music in her R° era and the singles in her Water Forest era; if any of you have noticed, save photoshoots for CD covers, we haven’t seen her face. Rurutia has an mysterious air around her; even now, nobody knows her real name and age.

In my quest to learn more about this secretive chanteuse, I did a bit of searching around. I found an interview she gave in 2006. It was from a French fansite, and whether it was momentary whim or diligent pratice for my French final exam, I sat down with a dictionary and translated it.

For those of you who don’t know, Rurutia switched over to an indies label in 2005. This interview tells you her thoughts and reasons behind the decision, as well as her insights into her creative process. Enjoy!

Bear with me for the poor English, I did my best not to make it too literal or awkward. And I couldn’t find bigger pics because the source site had really small ones.


Finally, here is the first interview of Rurutia. It’s after her move to [Phoenix Records] (an indies label), and she has finally decided to reveal herself. Previously, she has played the mysterious character by applying the “zero” technique, meaning zero lives, zero photos, zero communication, etc. It was a good commercial technique but it didn’t last long, but selling a maximum of albums is not Rurutia’s priority…

This interview was made for her official site, and is the first of an envisioned program of long series of communication with her fans. One discovers, along with this interview, the first three photos of Rurutia, to the delight of her fans!

Interviewer (Yamada Hiromi):
Since 2001’s “Itoshigo yo,” you’ve released 7 singles and 4 original albums and “Kazuo Umezu Kyofu Gekijo”, all of which seem to have done well, and though it’s been hardly 5 years since your debut, you’ve chosen to move to an indies label. What are your thoughts on this?

During the four years after my debut, I worked in a much protected environment. The people at my record label and the management staff placed a lot of importance on my work, which I was solely devoted to. In this highly supervised environment, I was able to continue concentrating, but during these four years a surreptitious change took place and I wanted to confront myself about my own creations. This revolution made me think that it was necessary for me to make the following journey/to climb a new path.

Yamada Hiromi:
This new journey is your move to an indies label?

Yes. For me, it was an important change. A protected environment provides a lot of comfort, but in that situation, I was not able to make any progress. I came to the epiphany “right now, I want to truly express myself” in order to remain faithful to my thoughts and my aspirations; for that, a good working environment is indispensable. I did not have complete freedom in my creations; I had far too many constraints in my contract. In order to follow my own style, I thought perhaps it would be best if I moved to an indies label, to an environment where I would be able to make the appropriate decisions myself.

Yamada Hiromi:
Were you anxious at all?

Not really, it was a decision I made myself. Working on my music is the best thing for me; creation is my greatest source of joy. With this fact, the environment change did not make me anxious at all. The most important thing for me is not “where do I work?” but “what can I do at that place?”

Yamada Hiromi:
You’ve sang on 4 albums, and for each one, you’ve worked in a different manner on the music and arrangements, urged to create by yourself, but at any point, have you not attempted to return to the origins of your work?

Since my first “baby’s cry of the artist” *, which does what one calls “producing music/songs,” I discovered, little by little, within myself, the zones where feelings I didn’t know existed. Every time it surfaced, it gave birth to a composition; the possibilities of the artist’s personality came that day. I think these four years were a period of discovery for me. Little by little, I collected new styles of songs and music, and I imprinted my feelings in the lyrics I wrote, but that was not all, I wanted also to highlight the feelings (sensations?) of the world around me. By doing this, while I explored the part of me that varies, I finished by being capable of discovering the part of me that is immutable. Thanks to my comprehension of the value of the “part that does not change,” I was then able to discover myself artistically. What I produce from now on is very much influenced by this realization. I want to be able to delve deeper into myself. This is why I thought it was not necessary to talk about returning to what I had, but about a new journey instead, a new path to climb…in fact, a “second era.”

Yamada Hiromi:
I see! Then from now on, it seems that there will be a new and profound “world of Rurutia.” Like her first single of her second era, “Spinel,” released on the 21st of November (2005), I think that we will talk about it again in the next interview!

*I think this refers to her first “spark,” when she realized she wanted to be a singer/composer, that music was what she was meant to do…etc

The original is here if my atrocious English translation is making your brain hurt, and you are fluent in French and would prefer to read that one instead.



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  1. Thanks Yoruko! Enjoyed reading the post above.. Being from India (Jap music isn’t exactly promoted here), i admire Rurutia’s work and probably is the last guy on the planet to discover what a wonderful voice Rurutia has! :)

    PS: Ur English isn’t bad at all! Cheers buddy..

  2. Thank you Yoruko! I really enjoyed the way in which you eloquently described this in your post.

    I’ve always loved Rurutia. Part of that was because of her mysterious nature but I think her revealing that she takes her work extremely seriously makes me love her even more.

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