Top 15 Singers for D.Gray-man ED 8

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I know, it’s barely been five episodes or so since the last ending theme, but I predict the next one should come around episode 89, which will air on June 24th. And like UVERworld’s 4th OP and Hoshimura Mai’s 7th ED, the announcement will probably come a month before the song actually airs – meaning, there will be rumors and official sources tossed around in a few weeks.

Who’s this sharp-looking chick? Read on to find out…

This is going to be a brief overview of the past ED themes and my top 15 choices for the next artist if I were the TV Tokyo exec. (I looked DGM up, and it seems like a lot of the artists came from Sony Entertainment – but I’m going to ignore that factor for now).

Now…I present to you the Hall of D.Gray-man ED Fame, and how each member measures up.

This just blew me away on first listen. SNOW KISS was a dark winter song that fit well with the Gothic feel of the anime. It worked especially well during the parts where Allen’s past was explained.

2. JUNE – Pride of Tomorrow
Okay, this song was a bit too happy on first glance, but I guess it’s supposed to show the more hopeful side of the characters. It sounds a bit like a typical K-Pop song, and the chorus is catchy.

3. surface – Yume no Tsuzuki e
I used to confuse this with ED 2; it still has some of the happy feel, but more of “this is what I’m fighting for” than just optimism. A bit generic, but functions as a stronger ED than the previous.

4. Kitade Nana – Antoinette Blue
A near total 180, and a throwback to the SNOW KISS era, with its dark rock sound. I remember the ED sequence was Lenalee-centric, and this song is a great reflection of her inner turmoil.

5. Rie fu – Anata ga Koko ni Iru Riyuu
The best ED so far in my opinion. This song represents the resolve and doubt of the protagonists while facing the unknown. Not as dark as the previous, but has the appropriate melancholy mood.

6. Sowelu – Wish
I love this song as a standalone, but it’s the most out of place because of the R&B style but it fit well lyrically – the line “everybody has to say goodbye” was my favorite part.

7. Hoshimura Mai – regret
My 2nd favorite. It’s like ED 5, but while ED 5 ‘wavered’ more, this one shows more strength; the characters are confronting their past shadows and facing forward, unhindered by their regrets.

None of the DGM songs have disappointed me so far, and I believe the successor has a lot to live up to. These are the ones I believe can step in and fill the previous’ shoes, in alphabetical order…

1. FictionJunction YUUKA

known for: Gundam songs, like Akatsuki no Kuruma and Honoo no Tobira
if chosen: I’d expect something moody and lilting in Nanri Yuuka’s lower vocal register, backed by piano and Kajiura Yuki’s trademark dark-sounding orchestral arrangements.

2. Gackt

known for: he needs no intro…he’s GACKT…that alone is enough, lol
if chosen: For an ED, I’d like something along the lines of his Last Song, an acoustic ballad overflowing with emotion, and the only song that came close to making me cry.

3. Ishikawa Chiaki

known for: Her popularity as the former vocalist of See-Saw still overshadows her solo career.
if chosen: I’d vote for a re-collab with Kajiura Yuki. Any song that puts the “yearning” side of Chiaki’s vocal emotions to use will do well. Oh, and more of her mysterious vocalizing, too.


known for: I just got into her recently, so I can’t say. I think she did a Gunslinger Girl song?
if chosen: KOKIA’s voice is versatile enough to handle any song type. Though her forte are ballads, I’d prefer an upbeat song – like Wish, but keeping consistent with the anime’s mood.

5. Miyamoto Shunichi

known for: DNAngel OP & ED themes True Light, Caged Bird, and Michishirube
if chosen: I think his piano-backed songs would be great for a quiet, pensive, Kanda-centric ED sequence. His voice would capture Kanda’s inner thoughts very well.

6. Mizuki Nana

known for: being the best seiyuu singer there is! Oh, and the Nanoha songs…
if chosen: Tears’ Night off her 2004 album is a perfect example – a fast-paced song with lots of string backing, but not too overpowering, and with the right degree of dramatic contrast.

7. Rurutia

known for: being intensely private, her unique whisper-like voice, Karas theme Selenite
if chosen: Something contrasting like her Pavane might work, but add in a more mainstream rock sound. Maybe a bit of Suzaku no Sora as well. I have complete confidence in her lyrics though.

8. Sakamoto Maaya

known for: being the 2nd best seiyuu singer there is, and working closely with Kanno Yoko
if chosen: Something gentle like Yubiwa? I must be overloading my choices with ballads but Maaya could swing any way musically. Add a bit of Hemisphere’s intensity and vocal lilt for good measure.

9. savage genius

known for: OPs for Elemental Gelade, Utakata, El Cazador…and a Jigoku Shoujo ED?
if chosen: Bring Kajiura (she’s dominating my list, isn’t she) over to compose something darker like Hikari no Yukue. Vocalist Aa’s voice is a bit nasal, like NIRGILIS, which is why I chose this group.

10. SNoW

known for: having an alto voice, NightmaRe and Sakasama no Chou from Jigoku Shoujo
if chosen: She’s a confusing one. I think using another acoustic pop song might be boring…I’m thinking something with the sad feel of Rie fu’s ED but more frantic like her song NightmaRe.

11. Stephanie & Tainaka Sachi (duet)

known for: Stephanie has done a Gundam 00 theme, and has a 5-octave range. Tainaka’s the queen of emotional love ballads and has a 3-octave range.
if chosen: I couldn’t chose between the two, so I figured a duet would be nice. Maybe a medium/slow song in a minor key with a driving chorus that shows off vocal range.

12. Utada Hikaru

known for: she’s one of the four queens of J-Pop, along with Ayu, Namie, and Koda Kumi
if chosen: As the queen who deserves her crown the most, she’s pretty versatile as well. I’d like some soulful rock, à la Nakashima Mika. I wanted to pick Mika, but I prefer Utada’s voice more.

13. Younha

known for: being a Korean with a (formerly) successful J-Pop career, Bleach song Houkiboshi
if chosen: Younha has a smooth voice fit for mid-paced songs, and is my top choice for the next ED. Piano & harp backing would make this one a winner; a tad unconventional for her, but it’d work.

14. YUI

known for: Bleach themes Rolling star and LIFE, mellow pop for the majority of her songs
if chosen: I’d want something melancholy like her usual ballads but rockier…a good balance between her Namidairo and Rolling star. And lower voice/head voice contrasts in the chorus.

15. Kobayashi Sanae & Sakurai Takahiro (duet)

known for: voicing characters Allen Walker and Kanda Yuu in the anime, respectively
if chosen: This was a bit of a joke by my inner Yullen fangirl, but a lot of animes have seiyuu do OP/ED…so why not DGM? These two can sing decently too, from character songs I’ve heard.

Well, that’s it! I’m going to write up my choices for the new OP way later, since that won’t change for nearly another 20 episodes. If you are confused on the song references, feel free to ask me to upload any of them. ^____^

P.S. The girl in the very first picture is Younha. XD


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