{single} Rurutia – Shine

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rurutia - shine
Rurutia – Shine
ルルティア – シャイン

(released January 22nd, 2003)

1. シャイン [Shine]
2. 満ちる森 [Michiru Mori]
3. シャイン(ヒマラヤンハーモニー)feat. インドラ [Shine (Himalayan Harmony) feat. Indra]

Rurutia’s 5th single. Shine is one of the rare Rurutia songs to get a music video (the preceding two being Itoshigo yo and Lost Butterfly) although it has not been officially released. This single is also her first collaboration with another artist – the flutist Indra.

Shine – since a lot of Rurutia’s songs fit their title, I expected the image to be something glittering. This shine is more of a soft morning glow on a mountain peak overlooking a valley of trees covered in layers of clouds. I’ve praised Rurutia’s vocals enough by now so there’s not much to say except I like her clarity here. What makes Shine unique is the composition, which has an ethnic tone because of Indra’s flute playing. The piano and strings were nice too. Maybe it’s just me, but ironically, the melody sounds the most mainstream out of all her songs so far.

Michiru Mori sees the return of the guitar that was absent during the A-side with an interestingly discordant intro. Rurutia also returns to her “siren voice” that she’s well known for for the verses. Her head voice note in the chorus makes me wish she’d sing in that register more often. The electric guitar solo before the final chorus was enjoyable, but felt a bit out of place. The highlight would have to be, again, the song composition. The discordant intro I mentioned is a repeating motif, and gives the sense that one is wandering lost in a shady forest.

Shine (Himalayan Harmony) feat. Indra is basically the same as the first track but with Indra playing the melody instead of Rurutia singing. Her backing vocals are still there, but faint. Indra’s playing a shakuhachi (?) instead of the common flute we hear in bands and orchestras. This version has a more folk song feel than the original; I’m no expert on Asian folk songs, but I’m guessing this track sounds Tibetan? It’s a nice calming track, but seeing how I’m more partial to strings, I would have preferred a violin version instead.

Favorite Track: Michiru Mori

Overall Grade: B+



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  2. les chansons de Rurutia sont trés trés cool
    j’aime toute les misiques de Rurutia

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