{single} Rurutia – Yuruginai Utsukushii Mono

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rurutia - yuruginai
Rurutia – Yuruginai Utsukushii Mono

ルルティア – ゆるぎない美しいもの

(released June 26th, 2002)

1. ゆるぎない美しいもの [Yuruginai Utsukushii Mono]
2. ロスト バタフライ (Brave Mix) [Lost Butterfly (Brave Mix)]
3. ミッドナイト・ラジオドラマ 恵みの島~星のつぶやき – 第1話 – [Midnight Radio Drama Megumi no Shima ~Hoshi no Tsubuyaki -dai 1 hanashi-]
4. – 第2話 – [dai 2 hanashi]
5. – 第3話 – [dai 3 hanashi]

Rurutia’s 3rd single. Included on the CD is a 3-part radio drama that uses Rurutia’s songs as BGM, but since it does not seem to feature Rurutia’s acting and I am not fluent enough in Japanese to summarize them, I left them out.

Yuruginai Utsukushii Mono has one of the best introductions. I just love listening to the harp runs over and over again, especially when Rurutia comes in with her “ohhhhh. In contrast with the flashier intro, the rest of the song is rather simple – I think those simpler songs are the ones in which Rurutia emotes the best. This track makes me think of watching the sunrise from a mountaintop cabin in the chilly morning air, with light fog and dewdrops on the grass. The only flaw was the “popping” noises in the background, but they didn’t really bother me.

Lost Butterfly (Brave Mix) – about time, I was wondering when we’d get a remix from her. Maybe it’s my imagination, but the vocals sound wispier in this one, probably due to the stronger background. The Brave Mix is considerably more electronic than the original and has a slight dance feel. It also sounds more “glassy” and even has an Oriental tint in some parts. My favorite parts were the new intro and the harp scale right before the chorus. I don’t know how daring Rurutia considers this music-wise, but it’s a great novel take on an old favorite.

Overall Grade: A


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