{single} Rurutia – Lost Butterfly

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rurutia - lost butterfly
Rurutia – Lost Butterfly
ルルティア – ロスト バタフライ

(released December 6th, 2001)

1. ロスト バタフライ [Lost Butterfly]
2. 僕らの箱庭 [Bokura no Hakoniwa]
3. エレメンツ (Lode Star Melody) [Elements (Lode Star Melody)]

Rurutia’s 2nd single. Lost Butterfly further explores Rurutia’s ethereal voice and talent as a lyricist.

Lost Butterfly shows Rurutia’s more vulnerable side through the tenderness in her voice and the emotional lyrics. The entire song also echoes the butterfly image with her “lahahahahaaa” intro, quick transitions from chest voice to head voice, and overall lighter singing style. The guitar, percussion, synthesized string parts imitate the repetitive motion of fluttering. The key change near the end was a nice touch with its happier and more hopeful tone (as if the metaphoric butterfly found its way out at last). Like its title, this beautiful song was very fleeting as well.

Bokura no Hakoniwa has a strange, calming ambience due to the synth and random piano notes here and there. The title means “our miniature garden” and this song reminds of a garden on a starry night. I’m not sure, but I think the lyrics allude to the Garden of Eden. The vocals are rather low-key during the verses, and Rurutia sings as if she’s musing to herself. The yearning in her voice for the answers she seeks strengthens during the chorus as she asks aloud to the vast silence before her. Speaking of vocals, I can never get enough of her floaty, backing vocals.

Elements (Lode Star Melody) came as a total surprise after the calm and dreamy single-ender on the Itoshigo yo single. Like Heart Dance, this track has no lyrics – just Rurutia vocalizing. Elements has an ominous, warning feel with the synth, drumbeats, and “holy-sounding” choir-vocals. I guess the title means surviving against the elements – the man vs. nature thing. I have no idea where I come up with such strange imagery, but this song reminds me of some tribal forest ritual – I think it’s the choir vocals that did the trick.

Favorite Track: Lost Butterfly

Overall Grade: A-


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  1. […] is a longer version of Elements (Lode Star Melody) (which is found on the Lost Butterfly single) and has lyrics. I mentioned previously that the LSM version sounded a bit like a tribal forest […]

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