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I remember some female anime bloggers fantasized about their harem of anime/manga dream guys, but why pine after them separately when you can boss them all around instead, Ouran-style? (It doesn’t hurt that you get to have them all to yourself after the fans, err, customers leave)

It’s time to don my Renge cap and become the manageress of my very own host club!

And as you all know, for any host club to succeed, one needs to assemble members of varying attributes to fulfill their customers needs!

The Host Club is now open, and let the wonderful Yoru-chan introduce our lovely hosts. :)

Koizumi Itsuki from The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

at a glance: Itsuki is the esper in crazy Haruhi’s SOS Brigade, and has a duty to watch over the club’s god-like leader carefully and keep her entertained to ensure the world’s safety from Haruhi’s dimensional destruction powers.

his selling point: Every host club needs a leader, so why not pick the charismatic, perpetually smiling Itsuki? While he may not be as flamboyant as Tamaki, his smooth manner is bound to be a hit with the ladies.

Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass -Hangyaku no Lelouch-

at a glance: Wanting to take revenge on the royal family and to create a world where his beloved sister Nunnally can live happily, he leads a double life. He’s a genius student by day and the masked rebel leader Zero by night.

his selling point: While Lelouch may be cold and calculating, he is an impeccable gentleman to all the others at Ashford Academy, and is sure to have more than just Shirley chasing after him. Besides, aren’t secret identities oh so sexy?

Shibuya Yuuri & Wolfram von Bielefeld from Kyou Kara Maou!

at a glance: While reeling from the confusion at being crowned the Maou, Yuuri accidentally proposes to Wolfram through a misunderstanding of Shin Makoku customs, and Wolfram has refused to leave his side since.

their selling point: The best things come in pairs, and you know it. The shounen-ai element is sure to gain lots of squealing fangirls. The two care deeply for each other (Yuuri is SO in denial) and squabble like a married couple – comedy points a bonus.

Tsukimori Len from La Corda d’Oro ~primo passo~

at a glance: Caring only about improving music technique at first, Tsukimori Len practices hours and hours to hone his violin skills. Later, he discovers that music is meant to express emotions, and his icy demeanor softens.

his selling point: You’ve got to have the quiet, mysterious guy in the batch, since a lot of girls fancy that type. Even if his taciturnity may be a tad frigid in comparison to the kind Mori, those violin serenades are sure to make a girl swoon.

Allen Walker from D.Gray-man

at a glance: Having had to kill his foster father after resurrecting him as an Akuma, Allen sets out on a journey to save the souls of others and to find his master General Cross. Despite his tragic past, he maintains a positive attitude.

his selling point: How could you not love his compassion, strength of will, and innocence? (And Innocence too, forgive the pun). Forget cake-eating shota-senpais; if you’re looking for someone to feed, this adorable Exorcist has a bottomless stomach.

And of course, this host club wouldn’t be complete without a gender-bender…

Aizawa Kyo from Power!! (published as Girl Got Game in the US)

at a glance: In order to live out her father’s basketball dream, Aizawa attends Seisyu Academy (a school famous for its men’s basketball team) as a boy. Hijinks ensue as she tries to keep her gender a secret, especially from her roommate.

“his” selling point: Despite her hot temper, she’s spunky, friendly, and will keep you laughing. And oh, the crazy basketball skills are a major factor too. One can also note that Aizawa’s just a little too cute to be an actual guy :P

Thank you for coming, and remember to visit the Host Club again! ^^


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