{single} Rurutia – Itoshigo yo

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Rurutia - Itoshigo yo
Rurutia – Itoshigo yo

ルルティア – 愛し子よ

(released October 6th, 2001)

1. 愛し子よ [Itoshigo yo]
2. 知恵の実 [Chie no Mi]
3. ハートダンス(ハートヴォイス・バージョン) [Heart Dance (Heart Voice version)]

Rurutia’s 1st single. I’ve decided to (very slowly) review my way through her discography starting from the beginning. I generally don’t refer to lyrics when critiquing songs, but I’ll make an exception here, since her songs have deep and poetic lyrics. It’s nearly impossible for me to compare her to another artist – Rurutia has a very unique and mysterious voice.

Itoshigo yo may mean “beloved child” but don’t be fooled – it’s a spooky song about love and lust. The song opens with a simple run of guitar chords and a siren-like vocal “oooh.” The vocals sound deceptively gentle on the surface but are suppressing intense emotion. Rurutia’s voice displays two personalities – her lower notes sound dark and even cruel while her higher register is more of a pleading whisper. The background is kept simple, with some light percussion and backing vocals added to guitar. In my opinion, this is the strongest song on the single.

Chie no Mi has simple accompaniment like the A-side, but with a repeating piano line instead of guitar. The song echoes the “young child” theme (look at the lyrics) but in more of a sad than sinister tone. We have Rurutia’s trademark whisper expressing a more melancholy side and the edgy, as-close-as-she-gets-to-yelling with heavier guitar and percussion as she cries out with suppressed pain. This song is a like-it-or-hate-it; you’ll either appreciate her raw emotion or find her voice too grating during the choruses.

Heart Dance (Heart Voice version) consists completely of vocalizing without any lyrics. I especially liked the strings, and I think this track would function well as BGM for some fantasy story, since it evokes dawn in a mystical forest lake or something. Heart Dance also has a more cheerful and almost playful sound. It seems like it’s either an “epilogue” for the single or a “setting up” for the next one. You’ll find it either soothing or boring. One thing I’m wondering is, if this is the Heart Voice version, where’s the original Heart Dance?

Favorite Track: Itoshigo yo

Overall Grade: A-

Itoshigo yo & Chie no Mi translations (courtesy of Kiwi Musume)


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