{Seiyuu Spotlight} Saiga Mitsuki

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These things are pretty much like the Artist Spotlights (hmmm, been a while since I’ve actually done one of those) – I’ll highlight a voice actor/actress for an anime that I’ve been getting into or just like, but I’ll try to avoid all-time favorites.

Lately, in my anime explorations, a name that pops up constantly is Saiga Mitsuki. With the idea “the higher voice the better” dominating the female seiyuu world, any woman who lies on the lower end of the spectrum is a refreshing reprieve.

Japanese name: 斎賀みつき
born June 12, 1973

Most (if not all) of Saiga’s lead roles are male characters. Sure, many females can voice males but those are often little boys that sound like girls anyway. Saiga can pull off a truly male voice in the way that Paku Romi can. In fact, I can even hear a tint of Paku Romi in her voice.

As far as acting goes, I have not watched enough to see her full range, since a lot of the series she’s worked on appear to be shounen series that don’t appeal to me. But she’s done a spectacular job with what I’ve heard so far.

For seiyuu, I’ll usually upload a voice sample and/or character song. I got this clip off her official site. I don’t think this is any of her roles but it’s a good sample. I also found this song from Nurse Witch Komugi-chan, so I assume it’s either an OP or ED.

But as for some of Saiga’s voice roles, here are the ones I’ve heard:

Wolfram von Bielefeld from Kyou Kara Maou!
My personal favorite. Wolfram’s brattiness is just enough to be endearing, but doesn’t cross over to annoying. Here’s a studio video of the KKM seiyuus. Saiga only says one line, but it’s interesting to see what goes on behind the mic. Here’s a drama CD track of her as Wolfram having a conversation with Inoue Kazuhiko (as Gunter).

Amakusa Benio from Ouran High School Host Club
Though Benio only starred for two episodes, this androgynous Zuka Club leader made me laugh so hard because she’s basically a female counterpart of Tamaki. Plus, her “Lobeliaaaaa” intro was epic.

Kurahashi Eiri from Le Portrait de Petite Cossette
Hmm…I watched Cossette around 2 years ago so although I remember I liked her acting as Eiri, I can’t really go into any detail.

Yuuki Kei from Moyashimon
One reason I dropped Moya was the lack of Tadayasu’s slightly gay sidekick. But since Kei comes back later according to some anime bloggers, I might consider picking this up again.

Ijuuin Enzan from Rockman.EXE (known as Megaman NT Warrior to Americans)
MUCH, MUCH BETTER than Enzan’s dub actor (unfortunately, I saw the dub before the sub). She actually makes Enzan a cool, likeable character.

Saiga also had a small stint in FMA as Maria Ross, and the part where Envy was disguised as Maria and was speaking in Maria’s voice was creepy in a good way.

Roles I may look into:

Kousaka Makoto from Genshiken
A seemingly normal and cheerful guy who’s deep down a huge otaku? I’m sold.

Junior from Read or Die (the series, not the OVA)
I have no idea what kind of character he/she is, but Read or Die’s premise appeals to me and having Saiga in it is a bonus.

Jing from Jing: King of Bandits
I haven’t watched this series but one of my friends from middle school loved the manga, so I might give it a try just to hear the protagonist.


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