Tsukimori Len performing live!

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Yes, you heard me correctly. We get to see our little Len-kun in concert! *cue fangirl screams*

Well…not really. Almost, though.

You can enjoy our favorite La Corda bishounen in all his singing and violin-playing glory…in the song Tsuki no Kakera.

All courtesy of Taniyama Kishou (Tsukimori’s seiyuu) & Muroya Kouichirou (Tsukimori’s violinist).

Watch the live perfomance of Tsuki no Kakera here

Click on the links to unveil the talented men behind the pretty face…

what you see… and what you hear (Taniyama).

what you see…and what you hear (Muroya).

Taniyama Kishou is a lot better live than I expected! For the most part his pitch is good and he sounds nearly the same as his recorded version. Which surprised me, because some really great seiyuu are very shaky live – like Kawasumi Ayako and her live Kaerimichi… *shudder* I also love how he gets into the song and does all these gestures on stage. xD

Another plus is that Taniyama retains his character voice personality in the song. He doesn’t look anything like Len, btw. But when I close my eyes and listen, it just sends shivers down my spine, like Len’s singing in my ear, haha. He sounded particularly sexy in the very beginning when he announced “Tsukimori Len – Tsuki no Kakera.” Ah yes, this time there were REAL fangirls screaming x3

Now about our unsung hero, Muroya Kouichirou. The violin solo right after the vocal intro was to die for. The tone and power, and his overall stage presence was just…wow. That part when Taniyama “introduced” Muroya was awesome…as was Muroya’s solo in the middle/nearing end part – a perfect depiction of Len’s playing at the series end, not only with his brilliance of technique but also with the emotion that Hino helped him unlock.

1. Taniyama Kishou -Tsuki no Kakera
2. Muroya Kouichirou – Tsuki no Kakera (violin version)
(*note: I don’t know exactly who did the piano accompaniment, but I’m guessing it’s Okada Masaru, who did Tsuchiura Ryotaro’s playing in the anime)

P.S. Here’s another live performance, by the way. It appears to be Taniyama-only. I like his vocals a bit better in this one, since they stand out with a toned-down background. Great guitar solos as well, although I’m more partial to the original violin ones. On a random note, that SHIRT Taniyama had on just made me LOL.


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