The Bachelorette, La Corda d’Oro style

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After finishing La Corda d’Oro ~primo passo~, I must conclude it is probably the best harem anime I have ever seen. The fact that it is a reverse harem (multiple guys and one girl) makes it more comedic and less perverted…(suffice it to say I was scarred by all the perverted jokes marring Zero no Tsukaima season 2)


Although Hino Kahoko in La Corda d’Oro chose her passion for music over the guys, here’s a overview of her little harem…and my pairing predictions if this series ever spawns a second season.

Needless to say, nearly every single anime male stereotype is gathered here.

*note: the school these characters attend, Seisou Academy, is split into two schools – one for regular students (gen-ed) and the other for music students. Aside from Hino and Tsuchiura, the principal characters are music students.

The Lone Wolf

the lowdown: The aloof one of the group, Tsukimori Len is normally contemptuous towards everyone he meets. The son of a famous pianist and violinist pair, he possesses extraordinary talent but his music lacks emotion. His softer side emerges and he is able to express himself more freely after befriending Hino.

the chances: most likely, since one of the most common (and successful) anime clichés is pairing the initially cold guy with the kind-hearted girl. I’m personally rooting for this one :D

The Guy Next Door

the lowdown: Pianist Tsuchiura Ryotaro, the other General Education student in the concours (music competition), always looks out for Hino. Although not extremely sociable, he is friendly and very dependable. He and Tsukimori do not get along (gee, I wonder why…)

the chances: very high, although it might veer off into Tsuchiura becoming Hino’s best guy friend and getting stuck in that rut.

The Pretty Boy

the lowdown: Perpetually half-asleep, gentle Shimizu Keiichi‘s life revolves around music (supposedly all he does is eat, sleep, and play the cello). Originally a perfectionist, he is inspired by Hino’s carefree playing style and wants to follow the “sheet music of his heart.”

the chances: I wouldn’t say it’s impossible but I think he and Hino possess a more brother-sister dynamic.

The Entertainer

the lowdown: Humorous, fun-loving, and outgoing, trumpet player Hihara Kazuki does not care for competition since he believes music is something to be enjoyed. While initially deciding to help Hino out because she is a Gen-Ed student, he eventually falls for her.

the chances: very high – in fact, I think he’s the runner-up. Although Hino doesn’t really get to understand him deeply like she did with Tsukimori, there is indication that she might like him.

The Prince

the lowdown: To everyone Yunoki Azuma is a top student, impeccably polite, and an outstanding flute player. Only Hino knows the mean side he keeps hidden. He does in the end realize that Hino is something different and has “changed his life’s rhythm,” though.

the chances: not such a good idea, with about nearly 70% of the female population at Seisou pining after him. It would be interesting, but I don’t think a relationship would really work between the two.

The Mentor

the lowdown: A 3rd-year university student, violinist Ousaki Shinobu participated in the concours when he attended Seisou. He provides Hino with inspiration, guidance, and encouragement. He gets along with just about anyone. Trivia: he can also play the viola! XD

the chances: not so likely. sure she blushes in the OVA when he’s praising her but I think it’s more out of role-model-esque admiration for him. Ousaki is more like an onii-san to Hino.

(And no, I’m not including Kanazawa-sensei in the list, since that would be kind of gross)

For those of you who are more inclined to yuri pairings:
(you do know Hino is very straight, but just for the heck of it…)

The Hidden Flower

the lowdown: Shy first-year student Fuyuumi Shouko is always too nervous to perform and therefore keeps her talent hidden. She looks up to her Kaho-senpai as a source of courage and becomes more confident by the end of the series.

the chances: Likely, if this anime had yuri in it. If you really think about, she does seem to have a crush on Hino. But most likely she’s like Hino’s little sister.

The Aspiring Reporter

the lowdown: Gen-Ed Press Club member Amou Nami is always looking for the latest scoop. She totes her camera everywhere and never tires of tracking down Hino for interviews and photos. Though she initially scares Hino, she proves to be very mature and offers good advice.

the chances: well she sure does like stalking Hino but then again, she stalks all the contestants. But like Hino and her violin, she most likely puts her passion for photography first.

The Faithful Sidekick

the lowdown: As Hino’s accompanist in the concours, cheery Mori Manami admires Hino’s strength of will. Although Hino falters in the time leading up to the last performance, Mori fervently declares she will still stand on stage and perform with her.

the chances: this could work, but then again, Mori’s even more strongly straight – she is boy-crazy to some extent, shown by her and Amou’s ranting about the male contestants

The Unexpected Supporter

the lowdown: Shouji Megumi tried to get Hino disqualified because she doubted Hino’s dedication to music. After watching her perform, Shouji eventually changes her mind and accompanies her when Mori sprains her wrist the day of a performance.

the chances: well, she’s absent for most of the series and seems to have a crush on Tsukimori. I think her turn-around was mainly because she realized she was wrong about Hino and she respects her now.


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