Rozen Maiden plays havoc with my orientation…

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^ Um, lol. I was only kidding about that.

You know, oftentimes you’ll look at a rather pretty anime character and go, “oh, she’s really cute” only to do a double-take five seconds later – “what, it’s a GUY?!” However…when the reverse case appears…

Girl? or guy? Read on to find out…

After watching loads of anime (and knowing that in original Japanese versions the lead male is often voiced by a female whereas English dubs want their guys manlier) I can point at the unlucky, inexperienced fanboys and laugh at their straightness being undermined.

That is, until now. Before the tables turned…after I watched Rozen Maiden.

Although I knew that all the Rozen Maidens were female, somehow the fact didn’t process with me when it came to the 4th doll, Souseiseki.

I just love Souseiseki’s serious face. How can she/he not look guy-ish (for a doll) here?!

The younger of the two gardener twins, Souseiseki is the one who wields the gardener’s scissors while her diabolical twin Suiseiseki has the watering can.

Souseiseki was also set to replace Haraken of Denno Coil for my favorite anime guy then after a few episodes, when Desu-chan (Suiseiseki’s nickname, since a quirk of hers is saying “desu” at the end of almost every sentence) was sad, Sousei said something sweet about sisters being there for each other to cheer her up. That did it. It was all I could do to stay in my chair and stop silent screaming.

It was like. Oh. My. God. I can’t believe I forgot Souseiseki was a girl! I mean, she even refers to herself using the masculine pronoun “boku” and at some point, a grieving old man whose son died deluded himself into thinking Sousei was his son. And she’s the only Rozen Maiden who doesn’t wear a dress.

Sadly, I must conclude that I am probably not as straight as I think I am. *ahem* Just joking. Anyways, I must reluctantly cross Souseiseki off my “anime bishies” list and start a new category – “favorite androgynous characters” (jk). But as a testament to how kawaii Souseiseki is, a friend of mine (a guy) even commented, “She’s so cute I wouldn’t have minded if she were a boy.” Ahahaha. And heterochromia is awesome. In anime characters, that is.

Those scissors don’t look so dangerous…as long as they’re not the supersize-me version and you don’t or Souseiseki doesn’t go too scissors-happy (taken from Memento‘s screenshots)

But of course, the best things come in pairs. Here’s Souseiseki trying to keep her evil twin sister in check. (Don’t know how successful she’ll actually be, though)

Don’t you just love that comically sinister gleam in Suiseiseki’s eyes?

Some interesting Souseiseki fan art…

Credits: kuridoki

And I don’t know who did this one….if you are the owner and you come across this site, message me and I’ll credit you. Gomen nasai…


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