Aly & AJ vs. Ami – who sings it better?

November 30, 2007 at 4:37 pm | Posted in Music, _random rants | Leave a comment

People magazine often features two celebrities in identical outfits – “who wears it better?” I’m thinking of starting a category about singers and the artists who cover their songs but we’ll see.

This time, I’m talking about Potential Breakup Song by Aly & AJ versus Suzuki Ami’s cover.

from left to right: Amanda Joy Michalka, Alyson Michalka, Suzuki Ami. Man, this pic made me realize just how petite Japanese women are – Ami’s 25 years old and she looks like a little girl compared to Aly & AJ >_<

Listen for yourself:
Aly & AJ’s Potential Breakup Song (the original)
Suzuki Ami’s Potential Breakup Song

To begin with, Ami’s version is in a completely different genre than Aly & AJ’s. While the original is mainly pop with hints of electropop, Ami’s slides completely into electronica and is techno-influenced. Aly & AJ sound more angry and have the whole teenage attitude down. Ami’s vocals have more of a mature, darker feel.

And while the song loses some melodic impact with Japanese lyrics, they still fit the rhythm and tune A LOT better than I thought. And props to Ami for helping translate the lyrics- linguistic abilities are always a major plus in my book.

There are only two things I disliked – you could barely hear Ami at the chorus’s “peak”and she recycled a few lines from the original and just sang over it. My friend says it’s because Ami can’t hit some note, but I disagree. She can definitely go high enough, as 99.5% of J-Poppers sing higher than American pop singers.

Parting shots: Although I was really excited about a J-Pop cover, I’d have to hand it to Aly & AJ this time. Ultimately, I love both versions, and while Ami’s voice sounds more versatile, I think Aly & AJ’s distinct vocals fit the song better. (Plus, I do like the instrumentals in the original better, but that has nothing to do with their singing…)

On an interesting side note, Ami’s version is going to be used in a Japanese horror movie called X-Cross. Here’s a picture from the promotional event:

L to R: the leading actress of X-Cross, AJ, Aly, Ami (AAA! lol)

And here are the CD covers – I like the overall design of Aly & AJ’s more, but Ami’s facial expression has more allure since she doesn’t look angry.


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