{Artist Spotlight} ICHIKO

November 22, 2007 at 6:19 pm | Posted in Music, _Artist Spotlight | Leave a comment

Alright, let’s face it. Doing a spotlight every week is unrealistic. I’ll just do one whenever the mood strikes me, haha.


“FIRST KISS kara hajimaru/futari no koi no HISTORY” has been stuck in my head all week.

The wonderful voice behind “First Kiss” is none other but the peppy ICHIKO (I linked her Japanese wiki page, but some info in English can be found here).

Back cover of the Zero no Tsukaima ~Futatsuki no Kishi~ OP single

Took me a while to find this one – promoting her Zero no Tsukaima singles, I bet. She looks a bit scary here.

ICHIKO is a belter and goes pretty high without breaking. She also has a bit of a twang in the way she pronounces words – especially at “arawareta” in First Kiss, but it doesn’t annoy me. ICHIKO sort of reminds me of Ikimono-gakari in their song Hanabi but sounds more laid-back.

That said, her music is surprisingly cute and catchy – not the sugary cute you get from anime voice actresses, but with an infectious “shouty” energy. She’s backed by a quirky mix of electronic sound effects, guitar, and brass instruments (I wonder if this is her style or because she needs to sound like this for the ZnT OP songs).

Song Recommendations:

1. First Kiss

End note: Watch the OP sequences on YouTube too!

~ Yoruko

“First Kiss” by ICHIKO is better than any actual first kiss. I’ll bet my 4-GB Creative Zen Micro on that. xD


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